Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Speaking out.

I managed to present 10% of my speech without stuttering and laughing today!

Well done Li Qi!!!


Lol... It's great to have Mr. Siva as your house teacher as he's quite a good speaker... covers up for me.

Hmm today seemed to have plenty to do with speaking.

English debate today pitted me, Dongers, Alethea and Puishan against Mel, karMun, shing and farm.

We were opposition and they were government.

Lost 3-1-9 to 3-2-9 i think.

Quite close... Got chosen as one of the five to represent class... Yikes...

I get really nervous talking to crowds sometimes so it's high time I patched it up!

Go Li Qi!


Go Green!

Cheerleaders are looking good once more (as always), hopefully the sporting/attendance side of the house doesn't let us down.

p/s: Please come for sukantara next week for those members who read my blog.

1 mark for attendance

1 mark each for lompat tinggi, lompat jauh, lempar cakera, lontar peluru and 100m.




Mel said...

Only 10%? Give yourself some credit! haha. You definitely did better than that.

liQi. said...

Mel I was talking about green house speech lol... not debate.