Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life in School...

Geez, so what if I got the green light? I lack the ability to begin with.

I suppose we're not too great after all eh?

Such simpletons we are.

Perhaps we're just not suited for this game.


Me, Huajie and Zicong escorted Y.B. Steph to her mother's shop today, after school.

We sort of sat down and had some talks about our lives.... Our problems... And our future.

Huajie and I both agree things are turning sour for us. Zicong seems to be a know-it-all and Steph the part time cashier was just giving comments here and there.

p/s: Auntie, your noodles were great. xD


Today is an extremely sleepy day. According to Pou, I walked past her and didn't notice her at all.


Jennpenn was very pissed today. Chill. Something tells me she'll get removed. Especially after the recent outburst on Mr. Lim's blog.

Heck, we might even do an all-bloggers-blog to protest. But I hope that's unnecessary.

It seems the heat is really rising...

Oh and Encik Siva is hecka funny.

Going off to play basketball soon. Will update if anything of notice comes up.

- Went to Jung's after bball with jung, zicong and jou.

Sort of read old chat logs.

Brought back plenty of memories.... A good refreshment.

[08:19:15 PM] Monkey.: KONNICHIWAAA
[08:19:19 PM] Monkey.: NAK BELI APAAA!??
[08:20:42 PM] (`Someone): erm not buying nythin^^
[08:20:44 PM] (`Someone): wut u doing
[08:20:46 PM] (`Someone): bored ah me
[08:20:54 PM] Monkey.: huh?
[08:20:58 PM] Monkey.: i dun sell that wan
[08:21:00 PM] Monkey.: nak beli apa
[08:21:02 PM] Monkey.: got teh tarik
[08:21:04 PM] Monkey.: apple tea
[08:21:09 PM] Monkey.: chong kok weng
[08:21:12 PM] Monkey.: and toh hua jie
[08:22:07 PM] Monkey.: got one more la
[08:22:10 PM] Monkey.: but i dun think u wan buy
[08:22:14 PM] Monkey.: duno what yipliqi
[08:22:19 PM] Monkey.: in the store room damn long liau
[08:22:20 PM] Monkey.: =\

...Peak form?

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