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Yep, i'm going to blog about Life. But first of all, let me clarify a few things.
  • I'm not being emo, i'm just writing down some thoughts that happened to barge into me lately.
  • It's all personal opinion, nothing to do with facts.
Alright, here i go. Scream my lungs out. Trying to....

err. nevermind.

Alright. Let's see...

Have you ever thought about this?

"Life is just a game..."

hey hey, don't mistake this with "Love is just a game"!! It might be, but right now we're talking bout life!

For people who've played role playing games... It's kinda like that. It's like... The Sims you know?

and if this theory is right. (which i very super duper highly doubt)

we're just sims manipulated by "God", who is the player.

then again, if you have a religion, you'd say... God created us for blablabla....

I myself am a Christian. Just not long ago.

Before that, I never believed in Jesus, heck, i didn't give a damn whether such a being as "God" existed.

I had many theories about it too, lol. though it'd take some time to write. so i'll skip that.

Then when i became a Christian, my roommate during camp, Jonathan told me some of his own theories.

We're created by god, and god wants us to love him in return. [1] But he can't just make us with love towards god, cuz it isn't realistic, it's all programmed into us. Hence, he gave us freedom to love him or not, which is, our freedom to choose our religions. In christianity, humans are sinners, and Jesus had cleansed our sins, thus he is our saviour. But who is he? Well, according to christians, he's the son of god, not god himself like often confused with. He is the bridge to god. God understands us through him, and vice versa.

Think of it like this... Say... you're now a god. (wow???) And you've created several thousands of beings... And now you're the father of these beings, just as God is to us. You can't communicate with them, they can't see you [2]. Sooner or later, these beings will start to think... "Hey, does (God) really exist? Why doesn't he care for us? Why doesn't he show himself?" And you'll be like... "Of course I exist! Look I care for you, i'll change your lives!" Yet, they wouldn't know. Thus, Jesus was sent. Down to earth. As a human. So that, God can talk through him, and understand through him. [3] That's how the theory went.

[1]: Lol, I sometimes think, "If God had created us solely for us to love him back, he's just a selfish bastard. But meh... how'd I know what's he thinking."
[2]: You can't see God, otherwise you'd automatically believe and love him, which in theory, isn't what he wants.
[3]: Heck, you can't understand how ants live do you? You have to be an ant to understand. Same goes for Jesus. He lives as a human to understand us.

Time to add another disclaimer.
  • I'm not trying to spread christianity lol...
Lalala. Again, these are just theories, and to non-Christians, don't take any offense or anything. It's just a point of view lol. You can easily change the name "Jesus" to suit your religion. I guess. Well. Theories should remain theories. And reality still prevails... yay.

Back to the main topic: Life.

Life is weird. Everyone agrees, no? Oh you don't, go smack your head on the wall, that should do the trick.

Sometimes, my friends wonder... "Why live?" when they're feeling emo. (And sometimes they'll get a heavy lecture from me lol...) There's also many theories to this... God wants us to learn through life before finally ascending eternity? Hmm maybe... or just because... "God is bored and just wants to play games." Not so possible. But when you're emo, you'd feel that the whole world hates you, including God. Then I'll tell you this.

Anyone that's emo. And thinks the whole world hates him/her, is the one that Really Hates Him/Herself. - LYcH the genius.

In life, there's happy times and sad times... When we're happy... we just... feel happy. Yet when we're sad, we question if God is playing a trick on us... That's just how humans are eh....

Back to the very main topic: Life - God.

kay. So we put less depth into God now. And just concentrate on Life.

"Lifeeee is boring...."

this phrase. is freaking. popular. amongst teenagers. and when i say popular. i mean pop-u-lar. heck even i say that sometimes. indeed, life is boring. I have nothing to say here. Amen.

Just kidding. The only reason life is boring or not, is whether we find things to do or not. Don't give me that " I don't have anything to do " shit. cuz if you find, you'll get one...

Matthew 7:7 : Seek and you will find, Ask and you will receive, Knock and the gates to heaven shall be opened to you.


Sorry. lol. don't mind me.

Goodbye for now. =)

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