Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: My favourite posts!


(lol almost one year liau.)

So much for friends.

Before I get into the main topic for today...

Happy birthday Shing!

actually i ate her cake and yet i owe her 2 presents, i don't feel good.

okay... right, and I finally got to see Eunice in person after the last time we met, which is 2+ years ago. O_o

right, back on topic.


as i've said before.... "Friends are far and few between."

today i'll say...

"We live our lives for others, and they live theirs for us."

that's "friends". yet again, everything is opinion based. feel free to post comments.

as you can see from my header, our lives are not ours alone.

think about it.

if there was such a situation, where... you're in a pinch, very depressed, or just extremely emo, and you're thinking of suicide as the best option. (like hell that would be!?!?)

have you ever thought... what will you leave behind?

you're suiciding to end your problems, just your problems, you're selfish. you're not worthy of being a "friend".

and does it even solve any problems?

no. people stop living as they are
/move along after that, that's all that happens.

have you ever thought what effects will your actions bring?

your loved ones, family, and friends, all that care for you. have you thought of their feelings?

suiciding doesn't solve any problems, it only adds more. and together with it comes "Sorrow, Pain, and Regret."

We live for others, our lives are not ours alone.

if one only lives for oneself. he might as well seclude himself from public and hide in his corner and emo all he want. all the way to dusty death. alone. what's the point? we all need friends, face the fact.

can you even imagine yourself living in your own world? all alone?
no way, if it was me, i'd die of depression pretty soon. there's just no purpose if you're living alone in a lonely world.

so to the people who are under depression. suicide is not an option. i'm saying this because my cousin's friend suicided because of depression. if you're still alive, then you still have a purpose in life. who knows, maybe you're just a lousy student in school right now, but maybe you might become the most successful person in history in the future? anything is possible.

don't give me that "i don't have any purpose in life anymore..." shit. the fact that you were born and still are alive is enough of a purpose to continue living. if you think like that and proceed to suicide, you might even start a chain reaction of suicides.

girl dies in accident, boyfriend emos and suicides, crush of bf emos and suicides, etc...

that's stupid.

it's time to rise and shine, and live out your life, to the fullest.

i used to question the purpose of life myself. and so did my friends. heck, i don't wanna explain it anymore.

i just feel that, there's many things that i haven't done and i wanna do something with my life. so i'll continue living.

(fek why am i talking about suicides??? that's so dark. ><>

back to the brightside.

friends are great!


lol. that was lame.

alright. actually....

a friend said i act too gay.

what a friend lol? so much for friends. =\

okay, i'm not a very good friend myself, i owe someone 2 presents. ><

but actually, while i feel kinda insulted. (since she meant it.)

i'm kinda happy. at least i know how i should change now.

i've always wanted a friend that can say it right at my face. whatever my flaws. (though i didnt expect it to be her.)



3/4 of my friends rated me.

Not serious.

what the heck? O_o

tell me wei. lol.

the end for now. amazing race! O_o

p/s: actually i have trouble phrasing myself today. so sorry if today's blog had low quality.

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