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2007: My favourite posts!


A tribute to Winston. =D

tribute to hakimi =) winston =D i'm writing this post for hakimi winston. my friend for 5 years 2 years i think.

i've known hakimi winston for 5 2 years. he's a tall short chap. soft duno what hair. big small eyes. actually big yellowish small narrrow eyes. he has some sort of gilbert unknown syndrome. thats why his eyes are yellow always sleepy-looking. he always boasts about it. he told me once whenever he gets angry. his eyes will turn from yellow to red small to even smaller! and then he becomes ultraman jay chou. don't deny that hakimi winston. you can't check my previous post for proof. anyway. hakimi winston always thinks im a 5 years old boy chick magnet. i always think that hakimi winston's a 3 years old gay boy. hrmmm.

liQi's comments: lol.

when i first saw hakimi winston. that was form 1. he had a malay boyish chinese girlish face. like a kampung pretty boy. i had the impression that he was a poor popular boy. i took pity interest in him. i even wanted to be friends with him. raise a charity fund for. buy him new clothes [no money ><]. stand up for him whenever his being bullied(usually by kenny). he always wore crumpled uniforms to school thats why i always thought he was poor. one day. to my amazement. i found out that hakimi is a bloody rich boy living in bu3 with a big big big house and a playstation and 3 computers in his house . playstation dol. i seldom get to touch one thats why i was so shocked he has a playstation that he can touch anytime he likes =/ i mean play. me and hakimi winston weren't really close [actually i don't even know him aside from his name] when i was in form 1. he was often left sitting alone sliding through corridors. emo-ing. although we were not close didn't know each other at all. i knew hakimi winston had a girly voice. somehow everytime amanda or lydia or kai ying some random girl talks to him and he replies with a girly voice. all of them would be like wtf. are you a guy or a girl?? as in like...

the wtflook

okays. that was crap. they never went wtf. but
hakimi winston with a girly voice part was true =) i swear to anyone who sees this man boy. i remember clearly. hakimi winston was often cast away. when we were playing football. we always made him play as a keeper. which is a boring position. and you often get the scolding if you concede a goal. so yeah. we always scolded him. hakimi winston was very close to khairy. wei kang. ainin kristine, boonming and hakimi. it was sort of his group. there was once. wei kang asked me if i wanted to join the 'melancak' group. just so you know. 'melancak' in english translation means masturbation =/ in favour or my curiosity. i joined the group. only for one day. after i found out how lame it is. anyway. the head group was wei kang. and hakimi was a very active member of the group. mind you. the group just keeps talking bout 'melancak' everyday =/ so yeah. i never asked hakimi why he joined the group. maybe he was lonely. but im sure he wasn't. masturbate ain't a good thing if you ever want to know what it is. ask hakimi what it means if you ignore what i say.

liqi's comments: wtf?

when i was in form 2. i got to know hakimi winston better. although hakimi winston still possesed the qualities of a malay kampung pretty boy kid. he was a really nice guy. he listened to me whenever i tell my problems. and kept it a secret too =) thanks hakimi. damn i sound gay. i got to know him because i was being hyperactive, and him and nicholas and terrence would often laugh at me hohoho. hakimi winston was more outgoing eccentric in form 5. he talked more. he played more. he ran around more. i guess it was because his girly voice had then evolved to guys voice after the holidays. though there was still a bit of girly voice. if you listen closely now. you'll still notice =) hakimi winston had this thing for a girl in form 2. her name was [fekithinkishouldn'ttell] shingyi. everyone always teased him bout it. everyone includes kenny(the most) nicholas. kay aun. hemaraj, boonming, and duh me hohoho. we were all friends and friends like to tease and joke around a lot. but i swear to anyone who reeds this again. hakimi winston had a thing for shingyi. i still think he does. anyway. hakimi winston was a really nice guy. polite. helpful. caring. gay [zenzen agree]. i still have a class photo of form 2. hakimi was smiling widely. its kind of a weird smile. but i guess he was really happy. i looked good. =D

liqi's comments: coolness.

i've always thought
hakimi winston was a nice guy. he was more than nice when we were in form 3 he graduated. haha. form 3 post form 5 was really great. not bad. hakimi winston wasn't at all the shy malay kampung pretty boy that i thought he was when I were in form 1. in fact. he was full of guts. [testified by the recent act of calling a certain someone just because we said so] hakimi winston had his first girlfriend when he was in form 3 i was still studying chinese valiantly. her name was mahira. mahira dol. hakimi did really loved her a lot at that time. did lots of things for her. he always talked bout her to me. hakimi took good care of her. [mehasnoidea] so any girls who likes a good man. take hakimi winston man. he's a loyal person. nope. he's not with mahira that girl anymore. they broke up for reasons unknown to me. or maybe i forgot. cause it didn't really matter to me at that time [nope, not at all] =/ hakimi did a lot of crazy things when he was in form 5. everyone did crazy things. damn. i just can't think of what hakimi did now. for example, he danced like a monkey in front of a crown of 300 KRSians. yes this is not real, but kid's, as a reminder, don't try this at home, as it looks extremely gay. but i do remember what crazy things i did. me and kay aun were sliding on the coridor. and we got caught by doctor gomez(he left for the good of the school. one of the happiest daysof my life) i.... i.... don't remember..... i slept in class a lot. despite teachers complaining about my behaviour. [nobody complains, cuz i do it with such skill that nobody knows, except classmates] even my mum. but yeah. can't help it. anyway. most of hakimi winston's form 5 life that i can relate to is about mahira shingyi. thats the only thing i remember right now. wait. i remember he was super close to kristine hakimi. and i often called him winnie the pooh [no i didn't.]. kristine hakimi was so in love with kimi raikonen at that time. and lee hom. and david tao DotA at that time [it's a game btw]. so yeah. kristine hakimi called him kimi raikonen Crystal Maiden. [just kidding]

liqi's comments: wow.

he'ss not serious anymore right now, in fact he's telling me lame jokes all the time. which i either scold him or stare at him or fake laugh. i guess justin was a little jealous of hakimi when hakimi was crowned head prefect. when he found out winston was pn lee's son. actually not a little. a lot. justin wanted to be her son a lot. which he got it now. so i wasn't really close to hakimi winston when I were in form 1. he was the head prefect of the school lah. son of THE PUAN LEE lah.

5 2 years dol. thats how long me and hakimi winston have been friends. at times hakimi winston does gay things to me. or say gay things to me. at that moment. its quite unbelievable that hakimi winston is my friend. people would be like. why are they so gay and give wtf looks at us. and i would give the wtf look at hakimi winston =D hahhaa. hakimi winston liked a lof of girls during these 2 years. i could list them all down for you if you want but hakimi winston would list down all of mine. [actually no, he only knows one, whereas... i know at least 3. nyahahahaha.] which im not sure whose list is longer but i don't wanna risk that. [his list is definitely longer] hakimi winston has a big passion for football. he and kenny are the coach for this years softball team. he would prefer football than to most things out of the opposite sex boundary. if you put me and hakimi winston on the 100m race track. i would win =D no lah. it would be tight. but i would win =D no lah. it would be tight. so 60-40 chance. just so you know. me and hakimi winston are one of the fastest runners in school. pai seh =D sorry lah. lan si a bit only. though we always beat boon ming =D haha. me and hakimi winston always argue a lot. both of us see things in a different point of view. for example. i see a malay girl who is not at all hot to me. hakimi sees that malay girl and says shes so steaming hot. get it? well. thats bout hakimi winston my hand can afford to write type. thanks for visiting =)

liqi's comments: Coolnesseseses.

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