Saturday, January 19, 2008

OU and Drawings...


Me, Yy.
Today is a Saturday.
Yes it is.

So... What are we doing here again?

No idea.

Right, so school ended up being very slow today. We were planning stuff for Tse Kai's farewell gifts though. It ended up alright I suppose.

After school, I left for OU with karMun, Huajie, Koks, Jaz and Zicong.

We split up after that. Me and karMun were meeting up with our old classmate, Eunice... While the rest just went somewhere.

We met up soon and had a headache on deciding where to eat. Ended up walking in big circles before settling for Secret Recipe.

So, we re-met up with koks and jie there and had lunch...

Ate Chicken Gorden Bleu or something. Was good.

Later I left with koks for swimming. Huejie walked back with us as well, while the girls went to do their stuff.

Of course, before that, I had to take pictures with her before she returns to Aus. Geez, everyone's going to Australia.

Yah, so we had swimming lessons from 3-4. And went home around 5.

Before going home though, koks' mum brought us to the market in Seksyen 17. Coolness, we got to drink tong sui for 1.30 per bowl. Neat stuff. It was great. And we ate Hakka mee as well.

Anyway, we set off for home after that.

After a while, I just got bored and started to draw. I'm rather bad at it so please don't laugh. =(

Lion! I like. xD

Another version.... Just camera tricks la.

This is the unshaded version... I think shaded is nicer...

And then I drew a bear.....

The uncrowned version...

Crowned versions.....

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