Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I woke up today feeling that I got stabbed right in the heart.

A hellish nightmare it was. Nothing scary like horror movies, but scary that my heart still questions it's possibilities right now.

"Totally impossible." I thought.
"It was just a dream." I knew.

Yet I sat on my bed, dazed. Unable to tell right from wrong, truth from lies.

Way to go, 2008!

It's starting to amaze me how much I can say I don't fancy her when I keep having dreams of her. (Nothing wet, mind you.)

It's ridiculous. Any other guy I could comprehend, but HIM? Retarded.

Maybe it's because I really dislike his character that it's coming back to haunt me. I wonder why eh? I don't even see him much, let alone know him.

It's just plain impossible.

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