Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last week's youth was darn fun. Hahahahaha, we didn't do much on word, but we sure had a lot of fun through numerous games.

Hahahahha, anyways some pictures to enlighten you!

First to fall was huaJie. O_o He had to imitate a drawing of a monster that ate John and was stepping on Shuj.

Jon was next, he fell prey to our schemes, and was forced to imitate huaJie's stick figure drawing! The face expression was too hard though.

Not long after that, Koks lost his composure and had to pose for my phone.

Next was Wai San. I don't have much to say on this picture lol.


After that, Wei Ee's "ill intentions" backfired and caused him to be knocked out. Soon after, huaJie rejoined the fray.

The end product.....


It's sad, but this are my friends from cell. xD

Hahahahaha that game was so fun.

We played.....

One frog,

Jumped into the pond,


Two frogs,

Two frogs,

Jumped into the pond,

Jumped into the pond,




those in the pictures were the weakest link and were forced to imitate drawings on the whiteboard.

And ta-da!

You can't deny how cool steph looks!

I swear i dreamt about frogs jumping into the pond that night.

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