Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: My favourite posts!


Happy Birthday...


Boy oh boy, I'm Fifteen. Getting old....

haha. today is cuch a meaningful day.
the night could've been better. but oh well. =)
shan't complain. for i have a much better life than most. =D

Was happy in the morning because you called. =)

CG was owning with the holy spirit today >< style="color: rgb(112, 159, 207);">Daryll's testimony was darn funny. hahaha.

yanyun i have prayed for you. I hope you will get better soon. =)

Even though I was late for CG. I learnt something, from being late. Weird, ain't it? Maybe God himself tested me. To see if I would still go to church even though I'm in a very sleepy condition having fallen asleep and missing my transport. =|

I went. haha. on the way. I suddenly had flashbacks in my mind about different parts of my life where my family so mattered. my mum was talking bout how my grandma was getting old... we need to take better care and treat her better. i wondered if she was signaling to me that something was happening. I started to see that my mum was getting older too. I should love her as much as I can, or I'd never be able to again.... I don't want to regret.

I shivered a little. and prayed for my whole family. I recalled kennysia's post on his relationship with his mother and reflected it upon myself. I was the same, as rebellious as he was when I was young. and maybe I still am. I realised the importance of family ties. the bonds that hold us together. one as a family. during your hardest times. they're there with you. sharing your burden, fears, and negativity. just so you would feel better. because you're family. =)

I made a promise to myself that I would kiss her when I got off the car. but. damn i forgot. lol.
But i still did it at night. when she sent me to centrepoint to celebrate my supposedly birthday. =.=

Treasure and love your family. Perhaps this was Jesus' message to me today. Thank you, Lord.

[Haha yeah i'm starting to get attached to God now. Hard to believe that I was a guy who thought religions were a bunch of bullshit weaved by liars just few months ago.]

Church Celebration was fun. We had a last supper imitation. xD

"Jesus broke the bread and gave it to his disciples. He said.

This is my body, take it. and remember me for what i've done. [something like, that can't really remember]

Jesus poured the wine and gave it to his disciples. He said.

This is my blood. take it. and with it, your sins shall be cleansed. [same] "

(It's always the same every first week of the month.)

Baskin Robbins at night. Didn't bring enough money. Lawl. karMuns was there too. nobody turned up anyway. so it was like. me and kokweng laughing ourselves cuz we duno how to buy icecream. with some guidance from jenn the baskin robbins pro through handphone. we did it. xD stupid karmun led us down the wrong path. so we wasted like ten minutes lawl.



Fifteen years ago, on this very day. A man destined for greatness was born!


joking. xD

but i hope it'd be true. Life would be meaningless without dreams. =)

In a way.... Life is just like a dream...

Once upon a time, we are born.

We live through our lives, and we die. That's when we wake up.

Our bodies left behind. Our spirits remain. =)

And then we live in heaven, happily ever after.

Hmmm. complicated matters. Haha, but kind of makes sense to me. In a way.

Thanks to all who wished me. =)

Especially you, you and you. =D

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