Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 Children's ticket please.

Me: Hello, can I get 3 children's ticket please?
Receptionist: You don't look anything like a child.
Me: But I am a child! *smiles*
Receptionist: Yeah right, if you can beat me in arm wrestling I'll let you.
Me: Alright.

*Arm wrestling*

Me: There, I won.
Receptionist: HAHA YOU FELL FOR IT, no child would be this strong, nor have muscles!
Me: Err, I struck puberty early.


Went out to ou with Eunice, Melis and Shing yesterday.

Sort of a minor gathering of former classmates. (We were in the same class during primary.)

Melis and Eunice just came back from Australia. Hahaa. The Land Down Under.

Of course it's weird to be the only guy around when your 3 other acquaintances are all female.

Met up with them at the newly opened BIG Apple. The doughnut was really not bad at all.

We bought tickets for Enchanted. Just 3 tickets though. Melis had to rush to the airport soon to menjemput her father.

Anddddd, no. The above incident, the very first scene I blogged did not happen. Just my random imagination.

Instead, we met Huajie! And hisher friends! The 3 girls just watched Golden Compass.
Seems like a nice show. Apparently, he saw Joel and half of the youth committee inside as well.

We ate at Waffle World!

Strange. I've never ate waffles in the Waffle World. How ironic.

At first we went to A&W. I was like, "My money is going down the drain...." Shing and Melis was about to order waffles... And then...

"Sorry, our waffles are out."

Shing: Oh, let's go waffle world then, sure got.
Me: Can't imagine Waffle World no waffle.

Crap my money is really going down the drain now. A&W -> Waffle World is the same as 50% price increment.

In a mathematical equation...

RM(A&W) +50% = RM(Waffle World)

...... Not good.

Ate chicken chop instead. Hahahaa. Still haven't break the duck of waffles in Waffle World.

Then Eunice brought up the possibility of her Putting An Aeroplane, AKA FFK.

She wanted to go for Prayer meeting and leave me and Shing. Not good. We bought tickets already.

In the end, she found out she had no transport to get there anyway and watched the movie with us instead.

Soon, we bade Melis farewell, and entered the cinema.


Movie was good.

Worthy of an A class Romance/Comedy Hybrid I suppose.

Prince Edward's cluelessness made me laugh one too many times. Heh...

Definitely a good movie for couples to watch. Ha ha ha. Go Koks.


After that. Shing wanted to eat AGAIN. Tsk tsk tsk.

So, we ate Kebab King and we left for home. Whees?


Lingering affection.

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