Friday, December 7, 2007


Because I'm such a fool for you, you and you.

After watching and witnessing plenty of dramas,

I hereby promise myself I will not get myself involved in any form of relationship until I can say "I love you and only you." without lying.

How long can this hold on for, I do not know.

And so as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works. I hope it will last long enough.

Question/Quote of the Day:

Can you truly say you'll reach for your goals without ever looking back?

To those who actually still read my blog, I thank you. I'll be away for 4 days. Church Camp.

Think again.... A year has gone by. My "New Life" had already lasted a year.

Truth be told, I don't really feel too much difference.

The only major change now, is that I can always challenge myself to do what I intend to do.

"This is God's test for me." I keep telling myself, whenever i lack inspiration and encouragement.

It is enough to get me through most of my troubles. For that alone, I thank God.

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