Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Before anything, watch this. THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

You'll miss out if you don't. This teaser showcases every single blockbuster movie coming out next year, and boy, Iron Man 2 looks great, as does Dwayne, London and Black Sheep Boys. WATCH THIS!

Oops sorry, wrong video. Hey there's no such video in youtube!?!?! Wonder who deleted it. Bad deleter. Bad!

That aside, I am inviting all of you to join us, the DUMC-ians in this LOUD concert?

What does LOUD mean?

NO! YOU NOT-SO-SMART-GUY/GIRL!!!! It does not mean noisy, nor does it mean a high volume sound.

LOUD means Living Out yoUr Destiny!

It's an occasion that should not be missed, as the video will testify. There'll be plenty of great performances to boot. Last year we had Malaysia's finest talents among ourselves such as Juwita Suwito, wonder what's in the bag this year?


Let us be LOUD, be PROUD!

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