Friday, July 23, 2010

Ergo, ergo, ergo?

I have a Fear of Loneliness.
Left and Right I look, People just have that Little More than I do.
A Little More than I can, a Little More than I can have.
I try to pretend I am not, but I truly am. Yes, Envious.
I Liked to Think, and Thought a lot.
'Hey, maybe it's a Problem with Myself! Let's try to Change That!'
I Headbutt myself into the Lives of Others, showing little Concern to the Gazes and Stares.
But with much Caution, Conscious of my own Conscience.
Taking Bullets, breaking Bullets, and reassembling Bullets.
Yet, Slaying the Bull yielded no Beef in The End.
It lies Deeper, Darker than where I can Peer.
With more Danger, Despair than I can Bear.
With Doubt, that I can last another Bout.
I came Back to You, whose benign Love is akin to a Phoenix.
Reborn when Dead, and Rejuvenated when Exhausted.
Refilled when Dried, and Replenished when Extracted.

But nonetheless Ephemeral...

Ergo, I will not Stop:
I will Continue to Seek,
And Cull my Weak.

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