Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lots Of Lols. (LOL)

First and foremost, if anyone fails to find this funny. I shall go to a corner and cry.... =(

Maybe not, everyone has their own opinions anyway.

I'm just trying to put a smile back on whoever that is having hard times. =)

Right. It's going to contain a lot of photos, so be prepared!!! =|

First, let's start off with....

Shing posing!!!!

Such a pro, even the sister is growing up to be like her. As the chinese proverb goes...

"Jing Zhu Zhe Ce, Jing Mo Zhe Hei."

Literally means you will be influenced by those around you. I have several photos of her sister posing, but for technical reasons I may not post it.

So.... how is it so far?

Audience: Good...


Audience: Good...

Alright! Now let's move on to the second picture!

We have.....

Loong: Ain't I pretty? ; )

Loong posing... Gosh, I think I'll head to the toilet...

*minutes later*

Ah... You people are still here I see, tough indeed! Shouldn't have any problems for the next few photos then!

Hmmm, next up... I present you...


Choong Heru's braces... =="

As they always say: Do not underestimate those who wear braces. They might unleash the power of eating chewing gums suddenly and will cause dramatic ear damages.

Right, so there was a Hari KoKo celebration for us KRSians.

Basically.... there was chaos, and turmoil, and we sure left a hell of a mess for 1 Teratai. That was the plan, until Pn. Loh passed by.

And... some people went... "Lol, we're getting pwnd."

Okay, fine, that was me.

So, we were tasked to clean up after we're done with the party. Of course, this was the original plan, isn't it? ; )

Haha, and so.... I shall let pictures do the talking, they're worth a thousand words each!!!

Su Wee: Faster open.... Can't wait.....

Oh yeah, and there were 2 bottles of sparkling juice only... We had, roughly 50 people.

So, we imposed a (fake) rule where students below the age of 15 will be ineligible to drink it. xD

Birthday boy gets to drink first! (that's Zichuen if you duno.)

Basically, all eyes were on the two bottles. T_T

All: *Stare...*

And really, with all those chaos, things were bound to go wrong.

...... It's just that... I did not expect it to be so soon....

Loong rapes Seba.... Wait, isn't it the other way around?? But there's no way Seba would rape someone! T_T

Loong/Seba: This is fun......

karMun: No Wai Ad All! >=(

Even heru cannot resist me. haihz.

Who would've expected that even heru would do such things!!!

See... even that guy's (sorry forgot your name ><) expression also tells that he mou ngan tai liau. tsk tsk tsk. Among this turmoil....

A twisties was caught.

We charged it for manipulating students into sinning. (Gluttony, to be precise.)

Ah, peace at last...

Sarah and Pik relishing their last moments on the tapak as a kadet...

Seeing them this sad makes me weep. =( (right...)

kay, after all that celebration, me, jou, jane, heru, yean, sarah and jess went to curve's The Apartment. I swear they bought their furniture from Ikea (which is opposite) !!!! O_o

It was boring.


I was just helping them take photos because the food there were just too expensive for me.

Yes, that's a world map behind me. The flash is darn powerful.

After laeving The Apartment, everybody became passionate about camwhoring suddenly.


All specs...

Anything reflective will do for us. Even if it's just glass.

Or even.....



As if this wasn't enough, me, jou and jane went to ou.

Me: Jane... How? It's for teksi only leh!!! We cannot go in!!! What is taxi anyway!!! Can eat or not one!?!?!
Jane: Ahhh!!!!

Jane: Wait, let me think.......
Me: How!!!!!!!!

Oh yezzah, make me immortal right?

You mean like this?

....... Don't want.

I'll prefer it if I get nice skin la. (fake.)

If you fail....

Jane will kiss you.
Jou will eat you.
I will wanna whack you.



We went.... to McDs as you can see, and I got scammed. Look at the picture carefully.

It's a Fillet O Fish, no doubt.

But look at the cheese.


Went complain, and the fella say:

"Oh, is like that one la, the new Fillet O Fish now all one quarter cheese only."

I tell you, it's damn fishy, fishier than that Fillet O Fish. Definitely cheesier than that quarter of a cheese.

Ingredients and composition

The Filet-O-Fish contains a breaded fish patty made from pollock and/or hoki (originally the sandwich was made with cod), half a slice of processed cheese and tartar sauce, on a steamed bun. The fish patty size was increased 50% in 1996 during the Arch Deluxe marketing. However in 2000, in an effort to increase profitability, the fish patty was reduced in size by approximately 10%. A Double Filet-O-Fish sandwich is available in some markets, either in an extra value meal or by itself. It contains two fish patties stacked in the same bun.

Source: Wikipedia.


Anyways, I've never known it was supposed to be half a slice until i looked it up.

I still don't remember ever seeing Fillet O Fish with half a slice of cheese though, do you?

"I smoke fries," Anyone?

"Hi, I am a box, please don't eat me, just eat the Fillet O Fish in me! >.<"

I swear I was transformed into Shia LeBeouf for a second or so. Jou I'm not sure.

Alas.... Harry is short.

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