Saturday, August 25, 2007

When I was younger.

Foreword: This will be an original tag (I think) created by me! =D Exciting ain't it? x)


  1. Simple, just list a few things you've done in your past, be it sinister or childish, or even downright dumb. You may use my post as a sample.
  2. Minimum ten things please. =)
  3. You can choose whether to tag another person or not.
  4. This is just for fun, but if possible, post a picture of a younger you, and the current you.
  5. Please put aside feelings of embarrassment. And write what you want to. =)
  6. To readers: If the author did not write names, and you know who is it. Keep it to yourself. Thanks.

Disclaimer: My "younger" is when I was 12 and prior, you may alter it according to your likes and dislikes.

Let's start.

One word to describe the younger you?
Notgood. =(

When I was younger:
  • I got angry extremely quickly and could be rather destructive. Much like Jung. =D Victims of my short temper includes and is not restricted to Melanie and Cheryl. (Cheryl is dangerous.)

  • I stole my brother's money and got caught. HAHAhaha. =.= (This was when I was 6 or so.) My mother pleaded with my brother (who for some reason has a temper as hot as mine.) to not scold me brutally. Ever since then, I've never attempted to steal anything.

    For I know... "To gain something, another thing of equal value will have to be sacrificed."

  • I tricked some guy in the neighbourhood into trading his rare pokemon card with my rather common pokemon card, and often ran at the sight of him. lawl. (I was 9 I think.)

    and there was once he came to my house, seeking tuition, thank God he didn't enter. I was hiding behind the curtains when he was there.

  • I got first place for every year, except the first. Nyahahahahaha! (Damn Emelyn and Zi Chian, too smart. -.-)

  • I was a sore loser. (I still hate to lose though, but I accept defeat if the opponent is undeniably better.) I will make a big fuss and make up stuff as to how unfair it was.

  • I was involved in prefect duty every year except the first. Was KP for third year, and assistant for sixth year. (Tham Kar Mun is the infamous KP. xD)

  • When I was nine, I pinched Melanie until she cried. Sorry. Very sorry. >.<
    (To be Honest, Third year was my most hated, among the six years. But surprisingly I got best results from this year. First in the form.)

  • When I was ten, I wore shades to Shing's party. -.-

    Reason: When I was in the car, I was playing with my sister's shades, and she jokingly said I look cool, but I took her seriously and asked if I could wear it. HAHahahaha ha ha ha..... =="

    We got teased real bad.

  • When I was ten, I constantly menyampuk and argue with my teacher's teachings, though sometimes I was right. (For some reason, several teachers never like me until they stop teaching me. Perhaps this is the reason.)

  • When I was in primary, I think I made two teachers cry. -.- (Not proud of it.)

  • I was in a clique some people call The Five Prefects. (sounds gay. -__-) This is due to the fact that the five of us were the only male prefects in our class.

  • My (favourite) teacher always teased me about another girl. =x
  • Called her every alternate day. =O
  • I used to whisper "Colourful." to her. HAHAHAHAhahahahha. (of course she didn't know. =|) [You may ask me in msn if you duno what colourful is.]

  • I tripped Emelyn from the shadows because I was tricked by her. (Ah. Such Asshole I Am. And. Stupid. As. Well.) [We eventually got along though.]

  • I frequently do "The Donald Entrance" during my mum's tuition. Which is, imitate Donald Trump's entrance in the reality show The Apprentice. Which is to, enter last. And I thought it's cool lol.

  • I used to hold my neighbour's hand when crossing the road. =.= (kindergarten age.)
  • I used to hold my cousin's hand when crossing the road. =.= (very young age.)

  • I knew kokweng was gay. /gg (I chose pink because it's the colour closest to gay. xD)

This is the oldest picture I have of myself.

This is a more recent one.

This is me emo-ing. =D

Okay fine, this is me. I don't emo. =)

I Tag:

Shing. Because I know she would want to talk about her birthday. xD
Whoever else that wants to do.

I hope:

Mel would do.
Yanyun would do.
Beatrice would do.
Yongying would do.

KENNYSIA! xD [ impossible. =( ]

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