Thursday, November 22, 2007

An attempt at revival: Genting Part I.

I suppose it's about time I returned to blogging, or people will boycott my blog.

Wait, they already did. *sigh*

Just returned from Genting yesterday.

Wow, I've never been to Genting for 3 years or so. It's definitely fresh for me.
In fact, this is my first time at the Outdoor Theme Park.
Second time actually.
On my first I was still young and too afraid, I even made my sister unable to join my cousins taking the rides because I cried.

Geez, why do I ever only remember shameful things.

Theft, scams, sly tricks.


It's tooo lateeee to apologizeee.
It's too lateee.....


So the theme park..... was definitely fun. Perhaps it's because this is my first time, and I haven't tried 95% of the rides.

The first ride.

Pirate Train.

One word.

WTF!? It's supposed to be scary. But, when you enter.......

Wow I'm so scaredddddddddd.....


No way in hell.

Second ride.

Pirate Ship.

This is 10000000 notches up from Pirate Train.

Koks: This is the ride that makes you want to pee!


Tham: Nola koks, it's make you want to vomit!

Jervis: Yala, kokweng got problem one, the organs wrong position is it?

Third ride.


Sat this thrice.

It's quite fun, give you a good dose of fresh air.

Might give you headaches as well though.

Fourth ride.


The holy shit of the holy shits.

This is the King of all Rides. (Is it even a ride!? It's more like a flight!)

This. Scared. The. Daylights. Out. Of. Me.

However, having endured it. I felt better.

As Jinwai would put it: (Highlight to see, vulgar though)

"Makes your balls bigger."


Nothing compares to the space shot in terms of fright, I suppose.

It's exhilarating to see the whole of Genting from atop. But when it goes down.... Your ass leaves the seat, and your legs fly.

I've never felt so helpless all my life.

Let me try to put this experience into words...

You fasten the "barrier" (don't know what it's called) and then the machine slowly propels you to top.

At the top, a loud noise sounds. That marks the 20 second countdown until you drop.


Nothing feels like knowing that you're gonna fall REALLLLLYYY QUICKLY in a few moments.

I had Cheryl and Koks sitting beside me, bet they were half laughing. Heck, even I was laughing. How can they not?

But when it drops.......

You can't laugh, you can't shout, you can't scream.

You can't feel air in your stomach for some 3 seconds.

But only the first fall is scary. The rest don't compare. This is because the first fall is form top to bottom, whereas the next few are from the roughly the half point, and lower with every fall.

Fifth ride.

CockCorkscrew (Thanks to The Budak Kecil Academy of Blogging and Rice-Eating Superiority
for teaching me how to do strike outs! Especially the headmistress, Su Mei!)

It screws Koks. It screws Cocks.

The best ride in terms of fun.

For me at least.

There's nothing in the park as fun as Corkscrew.

Me: Screw Koks!

Kenny: Nola, kokweng's cock not there liau, he left it up there at the space shot.


Sixth Ride.

Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.

Despite the rather funny name. This ride is not funny.

It's splashy. And doesn't smell good. I wonder how long has it been since they cleaned the water.

Seventh Ride.

Flying Dragon.

Probably the second fastest or fastest ride in the park. The other being Corkscrew. While it is hardly as fun as Corkscrew. It's alright I suppose. Plus we got the whole dragon for ourselves. Since we had 19 people.


After that we went for lunch. After eating lunch at a rather secluded mamak store. (In fact, it's a mamak in a carpark. It rhymes.)

We went back.

Was drizzling. Wanted to go for Cyclone, the little brother of Corkscrew. But the rain didn't like us. So we went for the teacup ride instead.

Eighth Ride.



We spun and spun and spun, until my vision was diagonal. Zzzz... And I did that twice.

Didn't feel good for the next few hours.

Fortunately we returned to the hotel.

I regretted not going for the Rolling Thunder Mine Train. Sounded exciting.

Slept for a while. Like 3 hours.

And we went to the park again.

Sat Corkscrew for two more times.

Then we tried the Go-Kart.

Ninth Ride:


Despite it's name. It's not that fun. Perhaps it was fun to a few, but not to many.

Most of the karts, are old and worn out, and can't perform well.

The rest of the karts just dominate the old ones.

I swear some are so slow I could run faster than it.

Tenth Ride.


The little brother of Corkscrew.

It sucks. Compared to corkscrew, at least.

That concludes our journey at the Theme Park.

Shall update bout the rest some time later.

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