Friday, July 11, 2008


Thought it was kinda funny. Or maybe I'm just being narcissistic.

“Eh, why the room no light one? We change room is it?”

I asked my fellow late-comers as we stood bizarrely outside our CG room.

“Duno, go see la.”

That’s how Hau Yon replied as we turned the doorknob.


It was a blurred moment as a flurry of projectiles flew towards us. I felt as though I have been warped back into ancient times where bow and arrows were held higher in esteem as I got shot hit after hit. Was this the end for me? Am I going to-

Wait a minute… What am I thinking??? THIS IS MADNESS!!!

“Madness? THIS IS BUD4CG!!!”

I awaken after being hit in the forehead by a pink Fruit Plus. I think it’s strawberry flavoured. Hmm…

I just only realized they shouted “SUPPLIES!” when I stepped into the room. This is weird… What has the room come to!?!?! Gone were the bright white lights of never ending brilliancy. Instead, we were greeted…. By disco lights!?!?!

THIS IS MADNESS!!!! (Refer to the previous lines…)

… *cough* Where was I?

Right, disco lights. And lots and lots of snacks. Candies, chips, drinks… And so we stepped into a new realm… We stepped into… Youth Alpha

And thus, our adventurous journey in this diverse new world began. It was a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end and we were at the edge of our seats (okay maybe floor) for majority of the time. Thought provoking questions were raised. Answers of unfathomable sophiscated-ness and wisdom were invoked.

The unorthodox presentation made all of us comfortable, as if we’re at our own homes. This factor certainly aided the members to open themselves up to the rest and speak freely.

There were many moments throughout Alpha where certain members were on the verge of tears, through intense discussion and reflection of our past actions and current issues around the globe. The world as it stands, it seems, isn’t ideal at all, or so we think. So many things can be changed, yet so little are taking the initiative to do so. It pains some of us; we feel we want to make a change. Call us ambitious, but that’s how it is.

I personally feel that this program has brought about closely-knit friendship amongst us. With every passing session, our understanding of one another grew, and will continue to do so for years to come…

I’d think that our knowledge about Christianity on a whole has approached a new epoch following the proceedings of Youth Alpha. But of course, the best has yet to come. And the journey is still long… Amen.

“John” Yip Li Qi

P/S: I am still the most hensem member. Sorry.

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