Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Birthed from womb of Dragon's maw
And borne unto the stars
By light and darkness cast aloft
Are dreamtide oaths resworn
Moon is swathed in ever-light
Never again to know eclipse
Earth, with hallowed bounty reconciled

Yet fleeting is the reverie
When moon from shadow has egressed
Guided forth anew by light made manifest

Two bound by ties of blood
By Time and Fate then wrest apart
Unto lunar light and Gaian breast

Sins I have wrought
Blood I have spilled
This battle
For me and me alone
Against the darkness I have abandoned
Will this redemption elude me?

Years I have served
Fought blindly
Not knowing when and how to stop
Just blindly
Blindly obeying
Just a coward
Obeying when I ought not to

Strings of Fate
Friendship and rivalry
Bonds and relationships
Simple to weave but hard to severe
This heart of mine had me thinking
Was I doing the right thing?

Years of our past
Cherished moments and treasured times
Those that we shared trotting around
Carefree and gay
We were just children

Yet the day is upon us
Here we are once again
Face to face
Not as friends no more
But enemies who can't live with one another

O' Eden, why have such fate befell us?
Every swing of my blade
Every skip of my heartbeat
It pains me inside
It pains me!
Why must we, sworn brothers hurt each other?

Enveloped by impenetrable darkness
That was I
Who I was
But no longer!

Moving on with newfound Hope
Tightly-knitted bonds
A bloody past
What I am today
I am because of you

Stars, I reach for you!
Your pure and silent light
Glowing with grace in the peaceful night
Reminding me of how this place once was
A love-filled haven

Reminiscent of what we sworn to prevent
A war has broke out
Oh the irony!
The perpetrators were us!
The same two knights who swore
to protect this kingdom

As we embark on our Final Fantasy
One can only wonder
Whatever has happened to the
Theme of Love...

-Edward the Bard


I wrote about 3/4 of it. =="

As some can tell, the first part has English so deep I had to keep my dictionary nearby. So it can't be me.


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