Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'll be the flint for Your fire.

'If that's the real world, I wish I'll remain disillusioned and oblivious, holed up in my little comfortable shell. After all, ignorance is bliss.'

Is what the me of ages old would have said.

But right now?

If that's the real world, then I'll be a trailblazer. 
I'll immolate everything I come into contact with, 
burning everything in my wake into cinders. 
With a pure flame, I'll reignite every dying ember. 
And from the ashes,  I'll scorch the world anew. 
... I'll sear away every deadwood in that fiery conflagration.

It's not arrogance.
It's ambition.
It's my ardor.
My dogma.


... Wow that was hot.

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