Sunday, December 13, 2009

A never felt freedom.

Twinkle bell, twinkle bell, twinkle all the way~~ -

- Wait something doesn't sound right.

Tinkerbell, tinkerbell, tinker all the way~~!

Christmas is coming! Should I go for caroling? =\


Chinese is tomorrow, when the paper ends, should I rejoice and shout? 

No. I think not. I have hardly put in the effort required to be worthy of a celebration. 

It's a perpetual cycle of thinking "I'll give it my all when it counts" and "Well, it's no big deal anyway, I'll do better when required." And as the cycle goes on and on, we only hold our ownselves prisoners of complacency.



Sometimes we don't really start out with a preference. But sometimes, when others suggest we do have a preference, we deceive ourselves into thinking we really have that preference. We become overtly aware of the said 'preferable traits' and end up thinking we really prefer them. We go on thinking with that preference and inadvertedly prefer the said characteristics. But some time on, the interest gradually withers. Slowly, surely. We finally realise, 'Hey not really, I do like other things in equal measure as well!'

And really? Some people just simply cannot live without preference.

Some people, they just feel more comfortable knowing they prefer something over another.

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