Friday, October 31, 2008


Would it be better...

To be right for the wrong reasons,


Wrong for the right reasons?

Waiwai style question lol.

Today, regardless of reason, I was damn dead for history. =="

Anyways today I noticed one thing. Kay maybe not today. It's been a while.

Nevertheless, it seems like a crazy wind of fashion has blown into SMKBUD(4)!


How I wish I could wear a slipper too.

Nowadays, everywhere I go in school, there's bound to be students wearing slippers. Seems like the hippest thing in town now.

Now I seriously do not believe that suddenly everybody's legs/toes have blisters or cramps or bruises or whatever you come up with.

It has never happened before, I don't see why it happens now.

So, we know. Heh.

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