Thursday, October 30, 2008



What a saddening day.

I woke up at 4, wanting to catch an entertaining match.

I got what I wanted.

Arsenal and Tottenham played out an extremely bullet-paced game which kept me on the edge of my seats.

If you've known me well enough, you'll know that I'm an avid supporter of the red half of North London.

HOWEVER, before I could feast my eyes on the brilliant game.

Astro had a different idea.

First, the whole network found a need to showcase a black screen in order to attract more customers.

It lasted for about 20 minutes.

By that time, Tottenham was 1-0 up, and I got wind that it was scored by Bentley from almost 40 yards out --- Sick.

Yeah but the spoils soon came for us as Arsenal mounted their pressure, and led by 3 goals to 1.

Soon Alumunia turned gay and fumbled a ball, took 438127498127 seconds to get up, but Darren Bent took only 438127498126 seconds to reach there, scoring a goal.

I feared for the worst.

I thought the day was settled when Van Persie scored the fourth.

LEADING 4-2 AT 89 minutes, Arsenal miraculously conceded TWO GOALS in the space of FIVE MINUTES.

Full time. 4-4.


There is certainly no excuse for a supposedly world-class team to let in 2 goals in the FINAL FIVE MINUTES.


But I have since gotten over it after thrashing Tottenham 5-0, 4-0, and 6-3, in 3 FIFA 09 matches. Pfft.


In school. BM paper killed.

Total geegee. I couldn't finish and answered some wrongly. But I think (hope) my score will still be respectable.

In the evening.


Yeah so talked abit.

And bla bla. then bla bla. yeah yeah boring day. History tomorrow.................

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