Friday, January 23, 2009

Green spirit.

Felt the need to get in tune with the green spirit as soon as possible. Hence the change in template. Hmm maybe I should change my blog name to GREENHQ next.

Oh wait I should say something...

Urm... Please support green?

Need to sound more commanding... Hmm..

You must support green! Please.

Seriously though, come on.

If you have the ability, you might as well use it and help the house.

What's the use of your ability if you do not use it?

Like Uncle Ben said:

"With great power comes great responsibility!"

We could use help in all areas: Marching, Deco, Sports, and the lot.

I encourage you to at least participate in one of these categories. Deco, in particular, has no limit for members, and the more the better.

We've been stagnating down there for long enough. It's high time we head to the top. We improved last year, we can improve again this year.

The only way is up.

Come on you Greens.

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