Friday, January 9, 2009

Nostalgia... and some rants.

The (1)classmates mostly, the (2)jokes, the (3)childish nonsenses, the (4?)good ol' times, the (5)bad times we went through tog, the (6)puppy loves, the (7)piled up homeworks, the (8)big fat heavy bags we carried, the (9)great teachers, the (10)'i dont friend you' moments..etc.


Ha, just read shing's post for the umpteenth time. (No much thanks to the fact that she, like me, has not been updating.) And boy, it really brings back alot of memories. Of the ten things she spoke, or typed of, I ticked all ten boxes.

First and foremost, I was always first in class. HAHAHHAHAHAHA. Nah kidding, though a fact, it was not the first thing on my mind. Did I just boast? Oh noes.

Heh, well, put that aside. I had plenty to remember in my hectic six years. Being a teacher's son is no easy task, much more when your mum is a well-reputed discipline teacher.

Had to live up to expectations, and thankfully, I passed for the most part.

Little rascal as I was, I still managed to coup the "Best Service Award" from the other prefects. I still think it's a fluke though. They just wanted to please my mum.

Regardless, I'm confident I've come a long way from the little boy who would get so angry over such a remeh-temeh thing to a more understanding and more laid-back person. (I still get angry/annoyed often, though I would not enter an outrage.)

And here I stand, five years after I left my primary school, at the end of the pilgrimage of (secondary) knowledge. Certain aspects I despise, certain aspects I admire. Talking about myself, I am. While the emotional side of me has cooled down, I encountered a far greater adversary: laziness.

Laziness has wrought my life for a while now. Just back then I could (sorry for boasting) effortlessly get good results. Noawadays, I struggle to even piece my mind together to study. Fortunately, I managed to pre-PMR. Now I have to seek that part of me once more, for a greater cause - and a longer term.

Teachers have been raving for a long while now about the importance of SPM.

Sadistic Papers of Malaysia.

Something is gravely wrong with our nation's educational system. My teachers agree with that view as well.

We study for exams, and not for knowledge. While other nations apply continuous assessment, our country focuses on one single exam that will decide the fate of students.

It's odd. Shouldn't a consistency over a period be a more accurate gauge of how a student acts, fares, and reacts?

In spite of that, a singular exam is chosen above a long-term assessment.

Some students will get lucky, others unlucky - and boy that'd hurt.

Some lucky students need not put in effort for some 4 and a half years, and get lucky that the questions set are all subjects they have studied.

Unlucky ones may have put in plenty of effort, but just somehow screws up in JUST that one particular exam.

Not that much of a "justice served" scenario.

Moreover, this system actually ENCOURAGES - albeit invisibly - students to slack majority of a time only to find out (most of the time) that it's too late too apologize for them to catch up.

Sadistic, isn't it?

Nobody wanted to sit in front with me and lynn.... :(

Was about time I posted some pictures worth smiling about. :)

Not that much has changed after all huh? The faces are the same despite growing up. Had no trouble recognizing them whatsoever. Is it because of the unbreakable bonds imprinted in us? Or is it just because "Hey your face is same, what a Noob!"? I'd rather think it's the former, and I am confident it is.

'Til then.


p/s(1): Oh wow, I really revived my blog. Thanks for your undying support.

p/s(2): Joel/Jung/DotaKias, pls dun make lame jokes regarding p/s(1).

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