Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love letter to Miss Sunshine.

Dear brilliant Sunshine,

I've seen you grow up since I was born. You used to be so gentle... You gently carressed my skin and brought warmth to my life. You brought light to my eyes and I spent many countless days staring at your brilliance.

You were like this:

But now... You're like...

This... >(


Lately the weather's been like a frying pan.
How I wish I have a flying fan.
If this goes on, I'm gonna have a tan.
But it's alright. I am a man!

Why is the weather so panas baran lately?
If only it can eat a chill pill and feel the ice cold of the air cond.
Then it will calm down and sits down and go 'PHEW I SHOULDN'T HAS ACTS SO BRASHLY!'.
If I ken has you, I no want nopati else bebeh.

Yala, bodoh Matahari. I wish you burn yourself out and perish soon! Oh wait. You ARE doing that.

Dang, I will miss you Mentari-sama. Please don't go away, you used to treat me so sweet, now you treat me so sour! Just give me one more chance! But please be more shy and hide behind the clouds more ah, I no want to see you so much. EHEHEHEhEhEHeZxx ^^V


In short, why is the weather so calamitously hot lately? 


Elsewhere, I've made some friends, I must say. 

And we played futsal yesterday, under the burning hot shades of gold that you exude.

Which brings me back to the crux of the letter.


Your loving, ever-so macho uncle,

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