Sunday, January 31, 2010

To be honest.

There's no point if there's no joy.

I once knew of a boy who smiled a lot. But no matter how much he smiled. You just somewhat sensed that there was a melancholic meaning hiding behind those pearly white teeth.

So why does he smile?

I know not. Perhaps it was to not worry the people he cared for. Perhaps it was to convince himself that he has not been brought down. Perhaps it is to convince himself that he actually is happy. Maybe he just wants to smile.

But in the end. It is but a pointless facade.

But whatever it is.
I'm not going back to being that weak-willed, helpless little boy again.


some stupid emo post on some stupid emo forum i saw.

Can tell me why people so emo these days ah? Very fun meh. -.-

'I want to cut myself. This life has no meaning. I don't need anything else now.'

Please do if you so desire to waste your life.

At least this guy wants to change! :D

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