Friday, February 5, 2010

I Didn't.

Ashlet: Hey, tomorrow afternoon want go dinner? :D


We watched about 20 minutes of Twilight in class yesterday.

My class is full of Twilight fans. We especially adore Edward Cullen. (less than three)

Miss Jess: Okay, so Bella meets this guy, Edward who is actually a vampire, in lab period. 
Me: Yes teacher, I remember his face oh so vividly. Although he supposedly was nauseous, he was constipating!

Edward: ... Need... To... Poop....




Miss Jess: *laughs* Yes I agree with you! He looks like he is constipating!

... Well some don't. But we think he's really hot. Like seriously. Hot like fire.

(The first scene where Edward appears, walking in after the rest of the Cullens and Hales.)


(The scene where Edward stops the truck with his bare hands.)


Miss Jess hates Bella, probably.

(First scene of the show, camera faces Bella.)

Ye Young: Wah, so hot!


Miss Jess: Oh... My... God...


And here's our mini-interview with Miss Jess regarding Twilight.

Huajie: Teacher, are you a fan?
Miss Jess: Mmmm, Yes I am!
Huajie: Who introduced the book to you?
Miss Jess: Erm... My 8 year old niece!
Me: Wah so young. Teacher even your niece more canggih.
Miss Jess: Yes, she was asking me to buy it for her as a birthday present. So I bought it, and I read it!
Huajie: Wah teacher, that's not good. You gave a second hand present!


Me: Teacher, do you prefer Edward or Jacob?
Miss Jess: Mmmm, for the character, Edward. For the actor, Jacob.
Huajie: Oooooh, so teacher you like the book or the movie more.
Miss Jess: The book. The movie sucks.



Huajie: So teacher, what made you hate the movie?
Miss Jess: I guess it's the imperfection of Edward. When I saw the movie I was like, 'No, that's not Edward. Edward's not like that.' Edward is supposed to be like this.. Perfect, perfect guy!


Yes my teacher is a Twilight fan girl! xD

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