Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi dear readers.

I have brought along great news to all residents of SMKBUD(4).

Sorry, no. It's not that Pn. Zabedah is stepping down or anything.

It's more like. We have organized a great event for you all to enjoy!

Please let it be known to all KRS, Scouts and PBSM members that on the 29th of August, a Friday, there will be a campfire held from 6.30- 10.30 pm.

The venue is obviously our beloved school grounds. Where else but the hallowed school of *insert glorifying adjective*?

There is of course, a limit compounded on how many people can join. So move quick, and pounce!

The price is RM20. I know it's slightly hefty. HOWEVER, we will ensure 100% enjoyment. We will do our best, to say the least.

Please spread the word. And if you're interested and fit the criteria fine, send your names to

karMun - 0122495220
Shingu - 0122618310
Nicolala - 0123750723

Nope, sorry. You're not getting my number. :'(

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