Monday, August 4, 2008

I am Tailou

Better than The Dark Knight. Trust me.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Faced with the tragedy of having his parents eloping, Ah Keong (David Kuok) enters a state of severe depression. He one day meets Tai Kok (Kok Weng) and is astounded by his name which literally meant Big Cock.

Tai Kok introduces him to his triad gang, led by Tiny (Dong Quan) who uses his appearance to fool others and incapitate them when his opponents are off guard. This impresses Ah Keong and Ah Keong vows to join his triad, The Karaoke Gang.

As Ah Keong was patrolling down the Neway corridor, he is bemused by a loud, unimpressive singing voice coming out of room 34. Thinking it was his chance to stamp his authority on his new ground, he shouted with a grizzly voice: "NOOOOOOOOOB!"

Immediately, he was greeted by the door slamming open and hitting his face. Adjusting his spectacles, Ah Keong was met with nothing. Shocked, he scratched his head before something stomped his feet. He looked down as he yelped for pain, searching for the source. Ah Keong then sees the blazing eyes of Dai Ka Jie (Kar Mun), and is startled.

Dai Ka jie's friends, Yi Ka Jie (Shing Yi) and Edward Cullen (Jou Ee) then steps out of the room, wondering what caused the fuss before introducing themselves.

Ah Keong was laughing hysterically at Jou Ee's gang name and faints spontaneously.

A pair of superimbacrazywtf high pitched voices woke Ah Keong up and he found out that his spectacles broke. Experiencing a slight amnesia, he sometimes calls himself Tony.

The Ka Jies spots him and orders him to clean up the room. He enters Room 34 and sees two drunkards playing scissors-paper-stone non stop.

The manager Yeng Yeng [This means shadow shadow in cantonese] (Joel) sees the open-mouthed Ah Keong and introduces him to Lion (Li Qi) and Puppy (Jung Kiang). In typical triad fashion, this prompts Lion to wager Ah Keong's hair in their tiebreaking scissors-paper-stone game with Puppy.

Puppy retaliates by saying he'll wager Ah Keong's pubic hair. Lion laughs and shouts "THAT'S JUST LIKE YOU, GAY!"

Ah Keong gets afraid and his Tony persona takes over. He proclaims: "HI I'M IRONMAN!" before running out of the room.

He barges into CEO Ngan Zi [Silver kid/money in cantonese] (Zi Chuen) and his two girlfriends Soprano (Jun Yen) and Alto (Soonyi). Tony threatens to utilize his pewpewlaz0rz before fleeing Neway. Screaming "BATMAN YOU SUCK!" on the way out.

The rest were stunned.

To be continued...

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