Monday, August 4, 2008


The parties Zichuen organize have always been glamorous and undoubtedly fun.

This year's birthday party is no different.

Familiar ground and mostly familiar faces.

It's Neway once again. The karaoke more famous for its mirrors than its videos.

And we sure made good use of it.

Cameras were flashing everywhere as we clowned in front of the huge reflective mirror.

While Neway's karaoke videos certainly fall short, the fun factor is still there.

Entertainment is guaranteed (especially since you have people like me, jung, joel and huaj in the house ==") as we sang out of tune (mostly purposely) and screeched, causing uncomfortable feedbacks and laughters.

From gentle and tender songs like Everything by Michael Buble to funky and eccentric songs like Just Lose it by Eminem, we sang it all for a full 4 hours.

Yeah we sang in front of the mirror.

And took lots of crazy photos too...

I lost. :'(

Seriously though, the subtitles are kinda cacat here and there's so little MVs. When there's no MV, they just show random videos (usually of a girl posing) that don't even suit the mood.

We ended the session shouting and screaming through rock numbers such as Faint and Numb by Linkin Park.

We were left with adrenaline pumping quick and a coarse voice. All those shouting certainly took its toll, but it was worth it!

We left, and proceeded to take pictures!!! Where else but the big mirror.

Before that though, me and jung sneaked behind shing and zi and were caught in their picture taking. =="

Me and jung in the background. xD


I kinda like last year's more lol. Looks more badass.

Once again, Happy Birthday Zi Chuen!

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