Friday, August 1, 2008

Time, a one way traffic.

Time only moves in one direction. It's improbable, impossible, and unfathomable to think otherwise.

Clocks can be unwind, but time itself can not. After all, a clock is just an instrument to measure time, as much as it has become the embodiment of time itself.

With that said, there's a few things I want to say...

"Was" does not mean "Is"; similarly, "Is" does not mean "Will be".

Never had, never will.

What I'm trying to say is: Through the trials of time, things change. Be it people, objects. Inanimate or not, they change.

Ancient monuments crumble after thousands of years, humans age and grow old as time goes on.

This is the concept of Change.

Things are guaranteed to change, as I said. It's just a matter of how much, how drastic, when?

Could be now, could be later, could be sooner.

Nevertheless there'll be a change, be it by picometres or nanoseconds, they will.

The sky today may just be pale blue, signaling a bad day, a moody day, a rainy day - whatever.

However, it will change.

Few days later, who knows? It might be the brightest day ever, with rays of light shimmering over the horizon, bringing hope to people around the globe.

Bad things don't stay forever.

It is utterly pointless, useless and stupid to dwell in the past for far too long, moreover painful incidents.

It's good, if not wonderful to reminisce once in a while, but if you consistently just wish that you could turn back the pendulum, chasing your past, all you are doing is letting go of opportunities that are ahead of you.

So the old days were good, but who said the future wouldn't be better?

Take your chances.

Grab it with both hands.

Never. Look. Back.

And perhaps, you will turn out happier after all.

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karMunn said...

another good one. :)