Friday, October 16, 2009


Every time my mind stumbles across and remembers that dreamy August night, I can't help but giggle by myself and laugh at the silliness of that kid. :D

I still think it quite an achievement because despite its failures, it was a breakthrough after all. Heh!


I confess. In the past, I have always tried to be cool in every action I take. But, I'm tired of it already. From now on, I'll try to be warm. Cool people are almost ubiquitous nowadays; warm people are a rare breed. Everyone can be cool, but not everyone can be warm.

The only truly warm people I know of are Natalie Khoo and Andrew Fong. Those people that never cease to smile and have a cheerful aura and give a warm "Hello" every time you meet.... Fine, in the case of Nat, it's more like... "HELLOOOOO WHATS UPPPPPP!" But you get my drift. Yeah, those are really nice people and I want to be like them.

By my own admission, I have difficulty caring enough about other people when my own sense of justice kicks in. It's hard and rather troublesome for me. I don't like faulting and berating my friends, yet I can't stand faulting the just. But I won't stop trying to strike a right balance. Must. Be. Warm!


I hate cynics.

That is ironically, coming from a huge-ass cynic himself. Ugh.


"Hey, you. You always walk past people as if they are invisible if you have no business with them. If you make eye contact with another, can't you at least nod or smile or say something to acknowledge their existence? Or you can't even be assed to do even that? All you do is put on that self proclaimed 'normal face' of yours and trudge off with an aura of enmity."

Hey, I'm sorry if you think so. But gee... Do I really?


Hihi, I'll find you.


I <3 Subway!

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