Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things I have learned.

From tuition today:

-Arthur Pendragon = King of Knights.

-Gilgamesh of Uruk = King of Heroes.

-Chia Zi Cong = King of Gays.

From cutting my hair today:

-The much maligned "RM10 Indian Barbers" are as competent if not better than some "High-Calibre, Guarantee-Satisfied Salons" *cough*vesta*cough*

(This only applies to guys though.)

From jogging today:

-I am still crazy exhausted from yesterday night's vigorous and intense activity that left me sweating profusely all over and panting furiously. There were probably some bruises and scratches from a lot of physical engagement between our bodies. We constantly tried to get behind each other and kept going non-stop for two hours and it was really sapping. We touched the ball many many times and tried to keep it under control. We took a shot multiple times throughout the course and even though more often than not we miss the target, but we kept on going strong, not giving up until we finally hit the right spot. And oh my, what joy it brought us. We went into overdrive and shouted- no, screamed loudly with elation in unison. And then we resumed our activity once more, and then again, until our energy reserves were sucked away by the end and we could do nothing but lie down and pant with glee, but it was a happy night. I woke up the next day feeling a little weaker than I've been for a while.

...What? It's just futsal you horny bastards.

-Taman Tun park is ridiculously packed. I haven't been here during the evenings in a while and WHAT THE HECK, HAS THIS PLACE DEVELOPED INTO SOME TAMAN NEGARA NOWADAYS?

-The soya bean vendor is still good.

-Don't ever eat curry puffs before jogging if you value your life. Ever!

-I realized why I tire extremely fast while jogging sometimes. I tend to treat the 2000m run like a 200m sprint. *gallop gallop gallop* *ahhh very tired ahhh!*

From wandering the night market:

-Uncle Jit hasn't changed.

-Uncle Jit hurt his leg.

-Decapitated cow heads aren't half as disgusting as I imagined, but still disgusting.

-Lots of hobos are out (or brought out) begging for money at night markets.


Speaking of hobos on the streets, do you all actually give them money?

My dad always says that it is a con, a fraud, a big lie, and I shouldn't give in to sympathy and get scammed.

But to be honest I've never heeded his comments. Personally, I usually give a little when I see them. If it helps them, it makes me a good deal happier. If it doesn't, and it's only a con, a ringgit or two is hardly anything I cannot afford to part with.

Plus I sort of made an oath to do so some time ago. =\


From futsal yesterday:

-I'm not too terrible!

-I might have 'osteoporosis.' (-.-) My hipbone hurt a bit after the game.

-I get gashed easily.

-My toes are stub-prone.

-A goalkeeper that has a blunder is called "Ben Foster."

-A player that scores an own goal is called "Abou Diaby."

-A player that misses a penalty is called "John Terry."

-Anyone who laughs and comments on the above events continuously is called "Kanye West."


Yoyoyo, I know you wanna miss a penalty later, but did you know? John Terry missed the greatest penalty of all time!

Yoyoyo, I know you're gonna score an own goal soon, but did you know? Abou Diaby scored the greatest own goal of all time!

Yoyoyo, I know you're gonna have a blunder now, but did you know? Ben Foster made the greatest blunder of all time!

-And anybody that laughs at a "Kanye" joke is a "Beyonce."


"It may not seem that way with my clothes on, but my body really isn't worth the jail time."

"... Either you're really insecure or your persecution complex has gone completely out of hand."

"You're trying to trick me again."

"... That explains."


I despise it and there isn't really anything I can do about it. I despise it as if it's the most natural thing in the world to do. Even though I know it's just immature thinking, I still despise it.

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