Sunday, September 6, 2009


This post is quite brutal, definitely not for the faint-hearted. Highlight to read.

I am serious.

I feel terrible saying this.

I had a dream last night.

No, not in relation to my previous post's 'I Have A Dream.'

I dreamt last night.

In my dream, I set off to kill five people.

Yes, you read that right, 'kill.'

Five people that I knew or am acquainted to in some way, and not just any strangers who I had no relation to.

Why did I do that!? You ask.

Let's just say I was threatened with the lives of my five family members. My dad, my mum, my two sisters and my brother, and I had to kill five to save five.

The villain offered a trade where I'm supposed to pick off his five targets for him in exchange for the safety of my family. Sadly the five targets are all friends/relatives of friends.

Suffice to say, I woke up before I actually killed anyone.

But if it were real...

What would you have done if you were me?

Swallow your dignity and murder the targets to save your family?


Save yourself any guilt towards your companions and let your family perish?

Don't give me the cahoots about 'there must be some other way...' Because sometimes, there are just NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT. If it comes down to it, what would you do?

Some common quotes come to mind.

'Conflict must be avoided no matter what.'

'A blood debt can be repaid only with blood.'

'Revenge only gives birth to more revenge.'

'Whatever will be, will be.'

'Life and Death was predetermined.'

'Only apathy marks the end to a cycle of hatred.'

But you know...

Sometimes... Quotes can be quite nonsensical.

Sometimes... Just believe in what you believe.

So what are you?

A hermit?

A saint?

A martyr?

Or an avenger?

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