Sunday, September 27, 2009

When the sangfroid falls, just pick it up again.

I can't believe I kena tuduh of being emo during a patch where I reckon I've been happier than a lot of people. =="

Alas, with the morbidity levels rising faster than a wooden cork in water, I have decided to menderma my dua sen and (attempt to) try to "liberate them from (their) Hell."


#1, For the umpteenth time, "Me against the world" is a Goddamn fallacy.

I'm not really a Liverpool fan, but their anthem rings ever so true. You'll never walk alone.


When babies are born, they only know how to crawl.

Slowly, they learn to walk, and run, and jump.

But during this learning process, more often then not, they will fall down, and cry and weep from the pain.

But you know what? They will get back on their feet sooner or later and continue to try, and finally, they succeed in walking, running and jumping.


Why do people fall?

Why do people trip over things needlessly, lose balance, and drop to the floor?


I think most of us can agree and accept that life's no bed of roses. If it was, it's a crazily thorned bunch of roses. It's no smooth sailing. There will be obstacles after obstacles, challenges after challenges, and hurdles after hurdles. These are things that we cannot avoid even if our lives depended on it.

If we're to face and stand up to a perpetual and eonian adversary such as this, we'd have to be thoroughly prepared and learned.


People fall, so they can learn to get back up on their feet and continue to walk once more.

If you do not learn, dispel the thought that you'll ever walk again. And stay rooted in that rut you fell into by mistake. For if you do not learn, you'll only fall and fall and fall again in that depressed cycle of yours. So learn, get up as soon as you can and walk on!

And if you ever find it too difficult a task to stand after a painful fall, doubt not that people around you will give you a hand and try their best to hoist you back up. (Some may even piggyback you!) You're never alone.


It's a barren world out there, but hey, we'll have to walk it 'til our very last breaths anyhow, so why sulk and punish yourselves when you can still put that bright smile on your faces and enjoy?

And besides, with the right people and the right circumstances, it may even turn out to be a walk to remember.


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