Monday, September 21, 2009

See that line? You never should have crossed it.

A good measure of his personality can be sensed from his first meeting with Stella. Noctis hides his shyness underneath a façade of coolness in front of him, which creates a cold and unsociable impression. However, he smiles and acts more openly around his friends, a testament to Nomura's statement that "[Noctis] is not the least bit a silent, gloomy little boy."


... Shall not have any idiosyncrasies.


Had a long chat with a friend last night.

Even though I was the one that was supposed to help and give advice, I (perhaps accidentally) ended up talking a lot of sense that could be applied even to myself.

Things aren't really what they seem to be sometimes.
We're not really as strong as we'd like to think sometimes.
Yet the contrary is also true.
We're not really as weak as we sometimes think we are.

However content we are with running away, it just isn't the way to solve problems.

The world around us more or less affects what we do and what we are.
What we do and what we become affects the world around us.
So perhaps a little tweak to ourselves can actually help change things around us that we don't like... Hmmm?

It's only ever 'you against the world' when you don't let anyone else come into your life to help.

"Pain for me is fine, I don't want to hurt anyone else."

Hahaha, some kind of martyr my friend is.


Holiday time is also pimple raising and eyebags growing time! Sadly, it's infinitely true and I already have plenty.

Sleep so late some more la.

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