Thursday, September 10, 2009

I like to:

I have very weird hobby/quirks, or so I am told.

They say I like to:
  • Jump around shouting people's name without actually having anything to say.
  • Stare 'intensely' at people while walking past them.
  • Hide in corners and ambush people.
  • Poke people when they are most unaware.
  • Tickle people when they are vulnerable to attack.
  • Quote people who spoke brilliant (or not) words.
  • Tell them "Wow you've grown taller!"
  • Build up and hype up a nothing thing.
  • Mislead others into believing stupid things.
  • Mess up people's hair.
  • Act gangster.
  • Scold myself.
  • Think and talk in innuendos.
    (EDIT: Not in the malicious sense la. Had people questioning me lol.)
  • Use weird metaphors.
  • Cycle in the night or the early mornings where nobody is around.
  • Keep everything to myself yet hint that I want to say something at the same time.
  • Play 'Hard to get.' (not in the conventional sense.)
  • Message people when everybody is supposed to be asleep.
  • Lie down in the middle of nowhere.
  • Do 'sudden attacks' and shock people.
  • Prove people wrong.
  • Climb stuff.
  • Act all serious when I say lame stuff.
  • Act all lame when I say serious stuff.
  • Laugh at myself.
  • Termenung and let my mind wander.
  • Mutter gibberish out of nowhere.
  • Start conversations with a weird line.
  • Sing songs which consists of very weird lyrics.
  • Modify well known songs to become songs which consists of very weird lyrics.
  • Pretend I cannot see some people. (usually due to my eye level being quite high up.)
  • Pretend I'm speaking another language.
  • Pretend my wallet is my phone.
  • Mess up 'he' and 'she'.
  • Mess up 'him' and 'her'.
  • (I love to!) Say something smart.


Mmh yeah. I am damn weird huh?

Quote of the day:

"When you brought your index finger close to my face I thought you were just gonna poke me. BUT THEN YOU SUDDENLY STRETCHED OUT YOUR FOUR OTHER FINGERS AND SLAPPED ME!"


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