Saturday, August 15, 2009

Driver. / It's back!

I hate passengers.


No! Not those that sit in my car when I drive! The ones I meant are people who do not contribute to the collective cause of a community.

And how about a perfect example from an incident today!


Shortgirl: Class, please arrange the tables now, exams are gonna start soon.
Class: *Grumble*

(5 minutes later.)

Class: *Grumble*

(Some people were already taking up arms and helping move tables and chairs around, while others sat there in a daze minding their own business, complaining, and talking, and grumbling, but not bothering to lend a helping hand or even arrange their own tables, instead letting others 'help' them.)


That's who I meant.

Now seriously, would it be the death of you to at least help yourself to do your own things? Instead of constantly lamenting about how your life could have/should have been much better with your friends, how about you help your classmates who are doing work, for not just themselves but ironically, also for you?

How about you do your own part?

It might be too much (oh yeahhh) to expect you to help others, but for God's sake can't you do your own stuff? Have you no tingling sense of guilt at all to let others labour for you?


On a side note....


Wahahhahahahahaa, hopefully my trials won't suicide because of this. .____.

Gooner 'Til I Die!

Bring on 2009/2010!

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