Wednesday, August 5, 2009


You know, there was once a very wise saying....

"The amount of flour you have on your body at the end of a surprise ambush to commemorate your last appearance in a weekly meet is directly proportional to how much people love you."

-Some very wise guy.


Based on that theory...

Wow, I'm so loved. Hahahahhaha!

Anyway, here's some other pictures from our last meet of the year.

Coming back from barbecuing marshmallows.

Promptly blindfolded and abducted by the juniors, to form some weird strange line. Of course, prior to that, we were led into a non-existent maze filled with 'CAREFUL GOT DRAIN!'s and 'WATCH OUT FOR THE FLOWER POT!'s. Before finally settling down in some weird strange line, forcing us to hold hands with another person (nooo!).

And then, perhaps predictably, splashing us with flour! And some water too iirc.

He doesn't look like he minds though. I didn't too!

Them girls taking their happy picture. Ah, girls and camera.... Symbiosis-like.

Then, each junior AJK handed a souvenir that consisted of (strangely) a lollipop and a toothbrush to a senior AJK! (And I thought I had white enough teeth already!)

Lajreena baked cupcakes for us! Wheee, food! Damn, you all shouldn't have wasted so much flour on us la, could have had more cupcake!

And finally, just to remind them who's boss until the end of this year.... /gg

We had them pull their ears. WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

Thanks juniors, really enjoyed the day. Sorry I didn't prepare a speech though. Heh. :D

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