Thursday, August 6, 2009

Got To Open My Eyes to Everything.

I always get good dreams (possibly thanks to my imagination and creativity).

And it really sucks to wake up to life sometimes.


You can dream all you want.

But one day you have to come back down to earth.

Life is not a dream.

Dreams will always be better than life.

But unfortunately, we live in life, not dreams.

Idealism is the painter of a prettier picture.

Realism is the merciless truth of the world.

And in truth, I hate this world we live in.

Yet, I am an idealist who aspires to change the world.


Pameran Kerjaya is full of shit. I don't want to elaborate. It makes me boil over.


Thank you to the three stooges for trying to cheer me up today.

The weird lala cheerleader, the annoying black kid and the geeky girl.



I hate how tactless I can be sometimes.

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