Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tears and Rainbows

Pfft, to think that just one month ago I was on such a high after Dee's party and LOUD!

Now everything is gone! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! This desolation is slowly gnawing away my sanity! I'm gonna 'JUMP!' since '...THERE'S NOTHING TO LOSE.' Goodbye! :(

Ooh wait, there's Arsenal tonight! :D


September beckons. Must start on good note.

*Marks September as Happy Month.*

Hmmm... A friend's birthday lies in the month of September. I asked her what present would she like to have. And hearing my August woes, she said she wants me to have a happy September! Aww?

Being such a good friend I have to oblige kan? Especially if it's something that only I can do wei!

Thus I shall begin Mission September! :D

First and foremost, must mengucapkan beribu-ribu kata-kata thank you yang tidak berbelah bahagi to my park buddies white, black and yellow for hearing me out and listening to my unamusing musings that amusingly, fail to amuse or provide amusement to unamused people even if said very amusingly and with an intent to amuse. :(

Sad kan? It makes me feel like this sometimes:

Why can't they be amused! T__T

Despite that, do not fret! I am on my way to becoming a fat and proper person. (Err... Wait a minute, something doesn't sound quite right here.)

Anyways, I'm already half way to re-becoming a fat and proper person, I just need to get back to being proper, the other half has already been accomplished with distinction! Whoopie! :D

So here's a checklist of what I need to do....

1) Listen to some "I Feel Pretty!"
2) Study about our glorious Malaysia's glamorous past.
3) Prove that E=mc^2 is actually Einstein = Mong Cha Cha.
4) Do a lot of add math!
5) Remember what being human is like!
6) And don't suffer any knee-jerk effects that I read about in Bio!

So... just six pretty simple tasks la! :D

Should be alright by September!

Watch me run.

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