Monday, August 24, 2009

The Life of A Fighter.

Imagine this:

You're a gladiator.

You walk into the arena, anxious, but prepared to face your opponent.

After a long wait, he (got female gladiator one ah? ==") finally appears.

"Intimidating indeed." You thought to yourself after hearing the whispers about him.

But, you're not going to go down without a fight, no?

Staring eye to eye, you two walk in circles with a constant locus from one another.

And soon, the majestic gong sounds, signifying the start of a battle.

Blows were exchanged. Every single one fierce and violent, but all missed, were dodged or were blocked.

You were holding up pretty well.

But as time went on, you realized you were losing ground.

Your opponent is faster, stronger and more agile.

His technique is more refined and his reflexes are instinctive.

You were left chasing shadows, barely even evading his attacks, let alone going on the offensive.

And not long after that. He landed his first blow - A fierce swipe from his blade.

It hurt.

It hurt extremely badly.

You were already fighting a losing battle, but now, with this injury, wouldn't it be impossibility?

Your body was bleeding profusely, but your mind was sane.

Your survival instincts were tingling, as if requesting you to retreat and surrender.

'Save yourself!' It whispered.

What would you do?

Would you cower and retreat? Surrender and save your soul? Pull out and let your pride as a fighter get tarnished, but survive, live to fight another day? Give up on the treasure that is on offer for the victor and to avoid the undoubted pain that will come?

Or would you press on despite knowing the odds are stacked against you? Persevere despite the excruciating pain inflicted upon you, hoping that an opening, however unlikely, will eventually appear and take your chance, and risk facing pain, malice, mischief, despair and sorrow on the last throw of the dice, all for the treasure that might change your life and end your imprisonment as a gladiator?

They say pride is utterly worthless and that your own life is your greatest treasure.

What says you?


"Ignorance is bliss."

Sadly you just don't have ignorant bone in you. You like to guess and you're quite good at it. But sorry, sometimes that bit of intelligence brings you more sorrow than joy.

"Simpletons lead peaceful lives."

Go back to your peaceful slumber, kid.


Goddamn August.

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