Thursday, August 13, 2009


(Originally written on 13 August 2009)

It's a tad late (okay fine, very late), but I think it's my responsibility to do my KRSians justice by blogging about our DDAY.


31st July 2009.

Waking up in the morning, you'd imagine that after doing this for five years now, I'd be pretty prepared and comfortable with what I was facing in my head.

That's not too far wide of the mark. However, an error the previous day caused me to fret and worry about today: I forgot to get the metal pieces/horseshoes that I was supposed to get the previous night.

One Utama opens at around 10, so my best bet is wait and have my dad collect it later for me. But of course, to say I did not fear I couldn't make it in time would be a gross understatement.

Waking up at five o' clock in the morning has become customary throughout the years, and this year was no different.

Going to school, I was brimming with confidence. We've prepared very well and for very long. I' don't mean to be arrogant, but considering our preparations (and pedigree), anything but a one-two finish at the end of the day will be regarded as a major disappointment and deemed a failure.

First was the standard lining up and uniform examination, followed by speeches by the principal and the YDP PIBG.

There were some performances by the self-defense art associations, the 24-season drums and Blitzerz. And then a break, and then the competition began, first with the standard lintas-hormat.

Fortunately everything came out well and we went through the routine with few/no slip-ups. The horseshoes were obtained in time, everybody remembered and executed their parts. They kept the promise of being focused and serious for the whole morning. And that was all I needed from them.

And the time came to announce the winners!

Best Club: Cheerleading Club! (National champions!)
Best Game: Badminton! (MSSS silver I think)
Best Uniform: KRS! (WOOT!)

6th was: Pandu Puteri!
5th was: Kadet Polis!
4th was: PBSM!
3rd was: PENGAKAP!

Cue the ecstasy and jubilation. Everyone in green was already jumping around. We've managed our one-two, leaving me relieved, happy and proud. KRS has won, and what remained was just the formality of going up the stage to collect the two awards.

2nd was: KRS (B)

(My little boys and girls couldn't stop screaming by now hahahahah!)

Choong Yean walks up and takes the hamper! I stand up and get ready, next up is me!

(I remember being berated for doing this by a certain cheerleader that offers you food and then thanks God when you decline her offer! Hmmm.)

Yeah, regardless, I signaled for Choong Yean to accompany me when the announcer announced:

1st place: KRS (A)

(Even more screams from the little boys and girls.)

Winning the one-two was great! But the icing on the cake though, was the victory for the best uniform award! We've lost for two years now, so taking it back was really special!

Ahh... I guess this caps off a great KRS year perfectly. Hopefully more of the same will continue with campfire, KAKA and annual camp.

Sorry, not feeling very funny today, so can't make you all laugh with my absurdity. Hahahah!

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