Friday, August 7, 2009

Self Service.

Thank you to everyone who asked me about my previous post. But honestly, it's no big deal. I just got a little too pissed off. That's all! :D


I, being myself, know it when I need help.

I, being myself, and a frequent counselor of others, know that help can only be given if the target allows it.

I, being myself, a frequent counselor of others and through experience, know that sometimes, only I can help myself.

The point I'm trying to make is...

1) You must know when you need help.

Not knowing you're in a bad situation is... bad. Seek help if you will, be a clam if you wish to. But you must know what is happening and what is causing the 'bad situation.' Then only can you solve the problem, either by yourself, or by help from others.

2) You can only help the person in question if he allows you to help him.

If he does not, and rather delve further into the bottomless abyss-like pit called despair, there's not much you can do.

You can throw an extremely long rope down that pit, but a rope has its limits and whether he wants to put his hands on the rope is altogether another question as well.

If you don't catch the analogy and thought I was speaking Spanish....

You can always offer to help someone, but the help you can offer has its own limitations and you won't (and shouldn't) sacrifice too much if he/she does not want your help. Furthermore, whether he/she wants to take up your offer to help him/her is not somethine you can control.

3) But sometimes.... Only you can help yourself.

Your friends can give all the advice in the world, but if you do not advance by yourself, you're still stuck on where you're standing it.

If you suffer from self-induced depression (like I do sometimes), your only saving grace is yourself. Decide what you want to do with yourself.

You can either choose....

a) Continue to emo and show the world what a badass you are, staring straight into their eyes with unholy vengeance when they say 'hi' and giving them the 'killing face.' Then when they ask 'what's wrong?' you coolly reply 'Nothing's happening, everything's fine,' before trudging off to emo somewhere else. (Not very wise.)


b) Climb out from the rut that you dug yourself into by yourself. Embrace the sunshine of the world. Do not frown at the brooding downpour but instead shout 'YAY ME SO HAPPY!' when you see the rainbow that appears after that. (Genius choice.)

The problem lies in self esteem.

Good luck mates!

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