Monday, February 11, 2008

Best Friends.

Recently, Edison Chen was involved in a sex scandal, just like our Health Minister, Chua Jung Kiang, Chua Soi Lek.

Anyway, Cecilia Cheung was among the women involved with Chen.

For your information, she is Nicholas Tse's wife.

Nicholas and Edison are good acquaintances, probably good friends...

And, I so happen to find this picture in the interwebs.

Left is Edison Chen; Right is Nicholas Tse.


I just had sex with another female star, I even took pictures of it!

Wow, congratulations!

It's your wife!

Friends are like limbs [It's a chinese proverb, meaning friends are very important, just like your limbs.], women are like clothes.

You don't mind?

*This last part is extremely vulgar. Highlight to view.
*I'll translate the literal meaning, use your mind to figure it out.

When there's milk, we'd drink ["suck" is more appropriate, but who sucks milk??] it together.
When there's *cough* a "xi" *cough*, we'd *cough* "diao" *cough* it together.

Still don't get it? Highlight again.

For dumbasses, it means we'd suck tits together and fuck pussies together. Dumbshit. =.=

What the owned?

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