Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our HM.

Much hated, ain't she.

It seems a total of 9 Kumar(s) visit my blog.

0 (zero) out of 25 voters likes our headmistress. Way to go. Keep it up.


Among those who took it seriously and voted between the two normal choices, 14 out of 14 (100%) of the people found that our new pengetua is unlikable and continues to disgust her for inducing much hatred among the students, who have until her arrival, lived peaceful lives as happy students of the happy school of SMKBUD(HAPPY) 4.

But that all changed with her arrival. With her torquise tudung brooding over the frightened students, she strikes fear into all who look at her tudung, which is in truth an ancient artifact of old that contains powers that few have lived to talk about.

I, here, reveal the fearful truth.

The power of the Tudung.... Few can match it. Having the capabilities to unleash a 50,000 megawatt worth of electric current to destroy all in it's path, it is an artifact to be reckoned with. Such is its power that it is fabled that the true cause of the 9/11 incident is this Tudung of Mass Destruction, abbreviated as ToMaDe, also known as Ta Ma De (literally "his/her mother").

On the other hand, 0 out of 14 voters (0%) found that our new pengetua is lovable as our own parents. Such is her love that Mother Theresa is no match for her even if they were to take center stage and compete for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Her love is so almighty, she throws loving figures like our beloved Prime Minister Bad Awi to shame. One word of encouragement from her ensures your success in the industry, particularly religion related ones. Her zeal to help her beloved students to success can only be matched by Stephen Chow. That is, however, a whole different matter.



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