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Right, so I happened to take quite a good deal of pictures today. For no apparent reason. Let me introduce some of them.

*Cameoing behind the picture is Stephanie Ong!*

Jung Kiang, one of my best friends, fondly called Jung by almost everyone. Hiding behind that hand and its long fingers is one intelligent individual who is generally outspoken. Masterful at making others laugh, he has a temper that matches his laughter-inflicting prowess. Definitely not someone to provoke.

Sometimes we do quarrel, but often it ends with peace, and not like...


This is Nicola. I call her Micola though. Sounds cooler, don't you think. Hadihaha. His boyfriend is my kawan baru who is also in my rumah. Anyway, Micola is amat smart and laughs at everything, which makes her look kinda dumb. Smart and dumb rolled into one! She also got alot of fans in school. So ah Zeng Quan needs to ward off oncoming challengers!

Left is babooMicola, Right is IbanQi.


*Cough.* This is Yanyun. See those teeth? It's impossible to not recognize it! Huhuhuhu. I like your old look with the misai better! BRING IT BACK!

She is incredible at debates, and sees the world in her own unique ways. Confident, she often has no trouble expressing herself. In fact, she's so carefree at doing it she's sometimes branded annoying.

Yanyun is quite the camwhore.

See what I mean?

Fine, we both were both bored stuck in traffic jam.

YanYun: WAH WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR LEG!? *bimbmode*
LiQi: Eh? I thought I told you liau? I fell down lor.
YanYun: Coolness, it looks like eyes! Let me add the mouth! *puts hand on my leg*

Look like smilie meh?

This is sKzWe. It stands for Some Kawan's Zoo's Water Elephant.

Sze and Koks. As you can see, Sze is sitting on Koks' kok.


They are my kawan baiks. Koks is my neighbour which I've known since my childhood days. We often played badminton back then and went to the same kindergarten as well. Still is my kawan baiks.

(oh no?)

Sze is some giraffe that came out of the Zoo for Old Malaysian Giraffes (ZOMG). She nows call herself Jacuszerafa (Jacuzzi - Raffe).

This is soon to be Acturist (or whatever you spell it ._.) Zichuen. As you may have guessed from his ambition, he is a math wiz. Ask him what is one plus one and he'll slap you. Not because he doesn't know, but because that's too retarded for him to answer. *cough*

Just kidding. I made the last part up.

These are girls. Yes they really are, even though they might seem otherwise. Believe me!

First up is former ketua pengawas karMun. See that face? It's called the I-Am-Annoyed-And-Not-Amused-By-Your-Lameness face.

Karmun on right, her sister on left. Besar mata!

Watch out. He unleashed it on huajie and he has not seen his better days ever since. *cough*

She is also Shing's acting mum. Ahhh.

This is Shing. Although she turned 16 recently, as her exterior suggests, she's just a kid. Ladadeeda.

She likes to emo....

And emo more.

* Cameo by Steph.

Just emo lor. Akan tetapi, she is amat the cheerful and laughs at everything too. Is being bubbly a common trait of girls? Most girls anyway.

It's like.

Shing: *laugh*


Shing tries to tell a joke.

Shing: A caterpillar has 100 legs... *laugh* why when it turns *laugh* left, it only has *laugh* 99 legs? *laughs*
Someone: Err. Duno?
Shing: Because *laugh* the other leg used for *laugh* signal! *laugh* *does hand winding motion*

Anyways this kak jelita has been my kawan for lapan tahun! Prozai dol. This is the ninth.

That was the fifth. Ahahhahahahaa.

One of our latest photos I think. It was at her party...

Following the stash of photos collected on that day, here's another friend. This is Jou Ee, Jou for short. When I first knew her, I swear I thought her name was spelt Joey, and I went wtf?

And I went ahead and asked her.

She replied:

And chased me around school.

And I screamed:

*cough* Just kidding.

Anyways, Jou is my kawan baik that is amat understanding and caring. Highly intelligent and well versed in conversations, she is a formidable foe to debate with. Watch out.

Her teman lelaki is called Joel Ngui Kai Yi. Joel for short. Ya, Joel stands for short, and he's nicknamed shorts as well, in retaliation, he calls me long pants. *lol* Also my good friend, he had the tendency to give retarded smiles and sarcastic remarks. A member of the lawak trinity of 4 daisi, along with their ringleader Jung and the bangla worker Daud (David).

Me and her at her fifteenth birthday. Behind is a mischievous-looking huajie groping my butt. Holy crap?

Right, so that brings us to huajie. That's him. He has been like this ever since the karmun incident.

When she unleashed her fearsome I-Am-Annoyed-And-Not-Amused-By-Your-Lameness face, huajie was traumatized and was never the same again.

He is now a glutton! Lol. Okay. Fine. Huajie is one of my first (new) friends in my secondary school. He remains to be one of my most trusted companions. Skilled in football, good looking and a joy to be around with he is often considered cool/hot by the rest of the schoolers.

Oh how young we were.

Lacking pictures and sleep, I should come to a close soon. I apologise to my dear friends who I haven't featured, I might update in the near future.

Right, next friend, Uncle Ben.

He passed by me in Burger King, and had such a powerful presence that I felt him even though my back was facing him. Uncle Ben is a force to be reckoned with.

(Cues I'll be There for You" by the Rembrandts)

Such are the wonders of having friends, and being a friend. We enjoy each other's company and share our happiness. I can never live my life without them, and so I do not intend to. These are my friends, my companions, my comrades, and I'll live with them to the end.

Life just doesn't seem that bad anymore even on a bad day, as long as friends are there for you.

Skies might turn dark. Rain might fall. Tears might drop.

But through all of these, friends rise.

We share our times together...

We pose together.

We laugh together.

We lie motionless on the par cark together.

We sleep together.

We just fool around and have fun together.

Heck we even eat Shingyi together.

Sometimes you feel you're alone, even though it's a party and there's plenty of people around... It's like you're just with yourself.

Take the first step, engage them and talk, soon you'll find out that you could get along just fine, and that there's plenty of people who care around you, just as long as you don't shell yourself in!

Friendship ain't just a ship anymore. It's a damn ferry. Accommodating every aspect of life, from joy, to despair, to hope, to depression, to fun. Drifting along the seas, under the skies and into the unknowns ahead, this is life. We do not know it's destination, nor do we know our purposes, we just live on in the company of others, appreciating our lives and theirs.

The chances of you meeting the friends you have now are like that of a miracle.

Don't let it go just because of a minor mishap.

Forget about personal disputes and remember the times where you've had fun together. Friends are few and far between.... We've been blessed with each other, so let's appreciate each other.

I've said this thousands of times, but I'll say it again. Treasure our youth and friendship!

You don't get to do things like this everyday.

Above is just my opinion, you don't have to agree and say Amen to all of it.

This is Leong Fan.

This is Tao Jiong

We are one, Together, we form Soya Cincau!

* Cincau = Leong fan.
* Soya = Tao Jiong.

Signing off.

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