Tuesday, February 12, 2008


DISCLAIMER: This is an opinionated post.

Are you a Lingam, or are you a Soi Lek?

I mean, are you a liar, who'd go to any length to deny accusations despite all evidences handed right in his face.

Or are you someone who'd admit to accusations if they were true, own up and apologize?

The difference between them is whether they lie or not.

I confess, I lie alot. Don't you? But It's usually not over a big matter.

Sometimes I lie so naturally, easily and convincingly it scares me.

"Why is it so easy to tell a lie and so hard to tell the truth when it matters?"

I really do not know. Perhaps it's just the nature of mankind. It's in our blood to lie.

I recently told my friends jokingly:

"Dude, I think my talent is lying. I can really convince people."

My afterthoughts were... It's true sometimes.

While all these lies are usually no big deal, just to hide some secrets or stuff, sometimes we just lose our credibility and integrity by lying so often like it's nothing wrong.

Manipulating what others think are the "truth" is bad. No matter how far you go to defend it, you know deep down it's wrong to misuse one's trust.

Some of the white lies I told recently include....

Caryi: You ponteng school today arh!?!?!
LiQi: Nola, I just got back this morning.

[Improvised version]

LiQi: Why you never go school today?
HuaJie: Hahahhaa lazy la..... You went?
LiQi: Of course. Today damn alot homework. It sucks.
HuaJie: No house practice?
LiQi: Ya this whole week no house practice, next week got. And Wednesday no more practice.
HuaJie: Why?
LiQi: Cuz pengetua la. She say ITU ORANG LAH.
HuaJie: What?
LiQi: I duno la, she say because of some person, she don't want on that day liau.
HuaJie: She damn random right? Only green house?
LiQi: Ya only green house, red house still have both days. I suspect she had a fall out with Siva. Doesn't matter la. Next week our turn to have two practices. Alternating.
HuaJie: I see...

Heck, sometimes I even conspire with others to lie.

LiQi: Jou, why you ponteng today? It was alot of fun.
Jou: You went school meh?
LiQi: I did.
Jou: You liar!
LiQi: I really did, ask Yanyun. Yanyun, I went school right?
Yanyun: Yeah, he went.
LiQi: See?

Perhaps this is why we are humans.

Anyway, if you're picking up lying as a "hobby" or something, this is a lie you should try.

"It sounds like me, farts like me, smells like me, has the same toilet as me, but 100% it's not me."

It's the "in-thing" to do now.

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