Sunday, February 10, 2008


I is back from Kampung di Johor!

How has everyone been? I hope it has been an eventful holiday. It hasn't been what I hoped it is, but perhaps it has for you!

After being at Johor for *recounts* Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday* five days. I finally came back on Sunday!

Gambling luck was alright. Nothing fancy though. Some crazy bastard who resembled very much like Kennysia, bet so big it's crazy.

Ya, my cousin's friend is a kennysia lookalike, too bad I paiseh take picture of him, he's... not that nice.

Speaking of lookalikes. This is karMun and her sister.

Lookalike isn't it? I present you karMun the Third.

MY COUSIN! Crap, she looks so much like WaiMun it's crazy.

Speaking of relatives, let me introduce you to some of them which I remembered to take photos of.

But patience is a virtue. Hold on. I shall talk about my experience in my kampung and introduce them as I go on.

Arrival at last, after 6 hours of journeying, I arrived at my dad's kampung, which is my grandparent's old home.

It is located near Mersing of Johor. It's a small village called Jemeluang, I think.

Anyhow, I just call it by it's chinese name, San Ban Tou (Literally "Three Wood Head").

The name makes no sense, I know. Regardless, it's quite fun.

At least, It's peaceful, windy, free of pollution, close to nature, does not have big longkangs which might cause unwanted accidents, does not have jungkiangs running around your house as if free cheese were littered around, most of all...

Chickens roam the neighbourhood. Boy, Yun Wei would've loved this place. Such delicious chickens, my mouth waters as I type.

Damn, I wet the keyboard, my mum's gonna get me.

Right, and there's also pigs and boars nearby, I just couldn't bother to go see them.

Not just that...

It also houses a shop which sells candies for dirt cheap.

Okay, fine it's not THAT cheap, but it's quite cheap. 4 for 20 sens anyone? Heaven for people with sweet tooths like me.

Right, so... time to introduce some of my relatives.

My 23 year old cousin who is studying Hotel Management, Li Bin. That's me cameoing by the side. Here's a better view.

We were watching the TV. Interesting show. Godly Detective (or something like that). Very artistic. A film in which every individual has inner personalities.

Either that, or we were watching Ultimate Crime Fighter, a series which is equally interesting.

Not sure, my cousin was toying around with my NcKia which he was so amused with.

Him: "Walao wei, ni de nokia hen gou te bie ler." [Walao wei, your nokia damn special.]

Me: "Dang ran la, zhi ge shi limited edition de la hao bu hao."
[Of course, this is limited edition you know.]

Another cousin: "Kan hao lai yi dian, bu shi nokia lai de." [See properly, that's not a nokia.]

Him: "Walao zha dao, yuan lai shi N C KIA!"
[Walao, zha dou, it's actually NcKia!"

And this is him. Took quite some effort to get this photo. For whatever reason he is camera-shy. Hah?

He is 19 and studies in Singapore's Temasik Polytechnic. Yep, a Singaporean he is.

And that is my sister and my cousin reading books. Not much to comment about.

And here's my blood related cousin. Handsome isn't he. I swear it's not me!!! Serious!

On a lighter note, I sure as heck don't remember taking this. Memory fails.

The night's dinner was alright. Not quite up to par with the Tuan Yuan Fan (A dinner of sorts we eat together with our family on the night of new year's eve) of the previous years, but nevertheless alright.

As 12 o'clock neared. We can hear firecrackers cracking and fireworks working.

Alright that doesn't sound too right.

We dub this the Fountain. It's pretty much a fountain of sparks flying up and falling down.

And here are my neighbours setting off the Kong Ming Deng(s).

Kong Ming is the alias of the famed chinese scholar and strategist Zhuge Liang. There is a story behind this lanterns, but I do not really remember it. People generally write wishes on the lanterns before setting it off to the skies beyond.

And they did just that.

It's quite a sight to behold, I'd like to try it one day.

And of course, the show of the day was the 168 fireworks that lit the sky. I know it's 168 because it's written on the box. So don't ask, lol.

Taken by my NcKia phone, the quality is hardly top notch. I will have to be satisfied with this phone for now.

Anyway, the fireworks are beautiful aren't they? I was right below them and the remains were flying around lol.

And.... doesn't it somehow feel like you're playing a shooting game when watching those? O_o

Probably because of the angle.....

Seems like fireworks weren't enough. They had to set of the FIRECRACKER OF GG. It was freaking loud.

Out with a bang?

Anyhow, that about concludes my days at Jemeluang. The rest are my gambling expeditions that are either too exciting or too boring for you to hear, so I'll stop right here.

So.... We headed back out to JB (Johor Bahru for you losers) on the second day of CNY .

It still wasn't much to talk about. I played mahjong with my elders and lost like 10+ bucks. And watched CJ7 with my cousins.

CJ7 was heck of a disappointment. It's a good movie, just disappointing.

Why? you ask. Isn't that contradiction? You say.

It IS good, just that it's not up to par with Stephen Chow's previous movies, such as Shaolin Soccer and KungFu Hustle.

The latter was crazy with it's hilarity, combining kungfu with triads in a dark natured storyline.

The former was just hilarious with Chow's many quirks and sarcastic remarks, and of course the over-exaggerated football kicking scenes.

CJ 7... is just a light hearted comedy with not much of an engaging storyline. While it does hold many morale values, it just doesn't suffice for it to be a great movie.

Not even the semi-hot actress who acts as Dicky (yes, Dicky)'s teacher can save it...!

I for one, am much more interested in Kung Fu Dunk.

It's definitely because of Jay Chou. Lol.

Besides, I'm a basketball fan as well. I'd like to see what comes out of the combination of kungfu and basketball after seeing Shaolin Soccer.

Anyway.... I got bored.... And... Played with the lighter.... I think It'd make a good toy for me. =.=

See how bored I was?

After this point, there isn't much to write about, except my gambling expeditions which are once again either too exciting or too boring for you to hear, so I'll stop right here.


Is the crazy traffic jam that plagued the southern part of the North-South Express Highway.

I was stuck in this 43 (forty-three) kilometre long traffic jam for almost 2 (two) hours.

This is MADNESS!

*Leonidas jumps in*



Oh well.

People got desperate and cut in the emergency lanes.

Such irony it is.

Even the government asks us to IKUT KIRI KECUALI MEMOTONG.

And it so happens, that the emergency lane, which people aren't supposed to drive on, is on the left.


What was meant to be a 3 and a half hour long ride became a 6 hour long ride.

As I reached home, I hurried over to Yanyun's place after taking a shower.

To my horror amazement, my clay "melted".

No kidding, it was liquid-ish inside.

Didn't really matter, I didn't really want to style my hair anyway.

Yong Ying left immediately after I got there. Damn?


As expected from Yanyun. What a clutter.

This is Jenn, Mel, Yanyun looking at the mess and Karyee going bonkers on the trampoline.

This is my pants.

... Good night.


And that's five jous.

Don't ask me, ask jou.

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