Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Lion King.

Hahhahaha, that just became my new nickname lately. Lion King. Started with lion only actually.

It is now officially my joint favourite animal! The other is the wolf. Though I'm slowly liking the lion more. I think the mane looks really majestic.

Anyhow, I went t cc with the guys today. Jung, Koks, David, Zhenchi. Joel joined in later. And James joined even later.

Had a bad game and a good game, and one average game. Was cursing my luck on my teammates at first. But I thought to myself that I just have to accept them and that everyone starts out unskilled.

Moral: Learn to respect others, and understand their situation. Put yourself in their shoes before you criticize or scold them.

Throughout the day, I used the nickname LION.


After that, I went swimming with Koks.

Moral: Never, EVER eat curry before your swim.

My stomach felt so bad I couldn't swim properly. And gay flippers make my toes hurt. But they ARE fast.

For an extended period of time, we were just attempting somersaults, which we found mild success in.

And then, I slept for a short while, and smuggled Jou to OU.


Anyhow, we were soon joined by Jung, Koks and Joel in chronological order.

Bought a neat belt and shirt. Koks had eyes for the same shirt as me. So I decided against buying the same shirt and bought another instead, still a good buy though.

Watched Cloverfield with Jung and Koks.

I'd give it 6/10.

The storyline is lolwut?

The presentation is unique. Extremely unique to the point that Jung suffered nausea.

Overall it was alright. The ending was quite retarded though.

Possibility for sequel?
80% I'd say.

High chance indeed, seeing how hardly any of the story was settled. Even wiki had a section for sequel discussion.

Then I went home, settled some drama.

And.... Here I am blogging.

I'm going to sleep soon!

Have to wake up early to leave for Johor tomorrow. It's the 30th on the Chinese calendar tomorrow, New Year's Eve (Chu Xi). It's a tradition for all Chinese to eat with their families for dinner. It's called the Get-Together Rice [this is the literal translation lol, it's closer to "A Whole Family Dinner"] (Tuan Yuan Fan)

I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year! Will be back on the tenth. Til then, it's byebye!

In case you forget. This is me (interrupting karMun's picture)!

I swear it's not me.

It looks like me, sounds like me, acts like me, wears the same things as me, has the same smile as me, but 100% it's not me.

Owait I just said it's me.

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